A 'Cat Water Bottle', Really?

A 'Cat Water Bottle', Really?

Humans, dogs and cats are all out exploring, hiking, running, walking and climbing and that means more hydration devices are required around the world!

When we talk about a pet water bottle for dogs most people engage and then when you mention a cat water bottle you suddenly get a confused look! Cats need hydration too and it's brilliant how they adapt rather quickly to drinking from a cat water bottle. 


Here is a run down of all the features found in our cat water bottle and why they are useful! 

A Cat Water Bottle made from Stainless Steel 


holding a pet water bottle

Stainless steel means your cat avoids BPA - bisphenol-A. There is a reason it was banned from baby bottles! 

Warm plastic bottles are not healthy for your pets if you are travelling and it is sat baking in the car. 

Plastic is porous and each sip could contain harmful chemicals. Better to not take that risk although it is low. 

They are resistant to rust and corrosion. It will last! 

Sustainable and you are looking after the planet by reducing plastic landfill. 

It just tastes better, however the water in the North of England is better than the South. Oh how I do miss the North. 

It will keep the water colder for longer, in some cases this can be up to 24 hours. 


No Bowl Required with an easy to carry Cat Water Bottle


dog or cat collapsible water bowl

Cat Bowls can be a pain to carry but your cat might be fussy and not like drinking from the bottle in a typical way. You can actually remove the large lid and use it as a small bowl whilst you train them on using the sipper tip if required. 


A Cat Water Bottle With a Carabiner Clip


cat or dog water bottle carabiner clip


Carabiner clip to ensure the cat water bottle remains with you at all times. Sometimes you just want to clip it to something rather than carry it everywhere and with this bottle you can! 

Easy to clip on your belt or bag.

We have a new range of smaller bottles for cats coming soon, taking the space saving to the next level! 


Reduce Water Waste | Patented Technology


 Watch the video and see how little water is released. Drop us a message if you would like to see some cats drinking from them and I will dig out the footage!



Where can you get your cat or dog water bottle? Just here


Happy, hydrated Travfurling!


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