11 Pet Accessories You Need in Your Dog Walking Hamper

11 Pet Accessories You Need in Your Dog Walking Hamper

The Best Dog Walking Hamper Accessories


Travelling and remembering everything you need for a successful trip can be a nightmare. Throw a pet into the mix just like throwing a child in could be a RECIPE FOR DISASTER with no preparation.

To alleviate your concerns we will show you a starting point for your dog walking hamper to ensure you are prepared for your pet adventures. 


 The perfect dog walking hamper for travelling with dogs


When travelling with pets, it is always helpful to know that everything they need for the trip is in one safe and convenient place. A dog walking hamper for pet travel can help make packing and planning a lot easier. You can create a comprehensive bundle of the most essential and practical items for your pet's trip with the confidence that you tend to their every need.

Dog backpack


This dog walking hamper needs the perfect combination of items for all kinds of needs and situations. Many of these tools relate to the general care and health of your dog. They can make it easier for you to feed them, give them a drink, and deal with any medical issues. Then there are those that provide greater peace of mind regarding security and those additional luxury dog goods that can be sprinkled in too.


Dog hamper

Here is your list of 11 essential items for your dog walking hamper


Handle rain with waterproof accessories


1)  BioThane Waterproof Dog Collar. Why not upgrade your dog's collar in time for their grand adventure so they can be as comfortable as possible. A strong waterproof collar lets them go swimming with ease and will stand up to days of use without getting smelly or dirty.


Biothane collar



 Feel relaxed knowing they can be returned to you


2) Travfurler Pet ID Tag. At the same time, you can add a new ID tag to the collar for peace of mind. The best ID tags are easy to read with just enough space for all of the dog's essential information, but still light enough not to bother them. Updating your contact details for the trip will make things much easier for anyone that finds your dog in an emergency.

Pet ID Tag



Be seen and be safe with reflective materials


3) Travfurler Dog Bandana. This is more than just a fashion item, although there is no doubt that your dog will look very stylish. The right bandana can help pets stay visible during your trip when taking an evening stroll in an unknown area. That is why we use reflective material. We also have a "summer" model that stays cool when you add water. This is perfect for long hikes to avoid overheating.

dog bandana



Never panic about hydration with a bottle made specifically for pets

4) Travfurler Travel Pet Water Bottle. Speaking of staying cool. We can't overemphasise the need to keep your dog hydrated on your travels. So, get a water bottle for yourself and a separate one for your pet. The best dog water bottles are tough, easy to use, and leak-proof. This one even has a carabiner clip, slow-release design, and a lid that doubles as a bowl. It is convenient and practical for repeated use.

Travfurler dog bottle


Feed them on the move with a collapsible bowl that can fit in your coat pocket! 


5) Collapsible Pet Travel Bowl. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able to enjoy the same convenience and practicality in a food bowl. Collapsible dog bowls for travelling with pets are perfect portable items. These bowls also come in different sizes and colours to suit your pet, are easy to clean out, and are made from safe BPA-free silicone.

Beco foldable dog bowl

Remain environmentally friendly and ready to pick up poop with bio-degradable poop bags


6) Pet Poop Bags. There is no way to make poop bags for pet travel sound fun and exciting. But, they are still one of the most essential items you can have in your dog hamper. Your dog will poop every day and you certainly can't leave it on the city streets of your holiday destination. This month-long supply of degradable bags is a reliable way to ensure you can always clean up after your pet.

poo bags


Forget about a bin search after you scooped up waste with a poop porter


7) Poop Porter Used Poo Bag Holder. Sticking with the subject of dog waste for a moment. This is a great little tool that can encourage dog owners to be more responsible. Let's say you are on a country walk with no dog poop bin nearby. This is no problem at all if you clip the bag of poop to your leash and then put it in the next bin you find.

Pet poo bag holder



Quickly handle any injury with a pet first aid kit in your backpack


8) Travel Pet First Aid Kit. We all want to keep our dogs as safe and healthy as possible when on our adventures. It comes down to us to provide healthcare and first aid when out camping or backpacking. A reliable first aid kit like this has everything you need should your pet develop a minor treatable injury.

Pet first aid kit

Ensure everyone remains calm during travel with natural calming remedies


9) Pet Remedy Pet Calming Kit. This is an interesting additional tool alongside a kit for physical health care. Our dog's well-being isn't just about how they are on the outside. Mental health matters too, so a kit for stress and anxiety is brilliant as an extra precaution. The spray is great for a quick remedy, especially when sprayed on that bandana mentioned before.

Pet remedy calming kit



Prevent Lyme disease, Ehrlichiosis, Anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever & many others with quick removal of ticks when adventuring


10) Tick Pick The tick pick is a clever little portable tool to add to a first aid kit. Ticks are dangerous and can lead to healthcare problems if undiscovered. It helps to give your pet a brush and to check their skin after a hike to make sure they haven't picked up anything nasty. This pick lets you remove the ticks with ease and you can keep it on your keychain for easy access.

tick pick


Clean and fresh in minutes without needing a bathtub


11) Nilaqua Pet Shampoo. Finally, your pet is going to get dirty on this trip to the countryside. It is better to let them have fun and get muddy than to restrict their activities. So, you need to be prepared to give them a bath. A waterless shampoo like this is perfect for cleaning their coat with no hassle. It is also hypoallergenic and smells great too.



If this sounds like the perfect bundle of items for your next adventure with your pet, we have some good news for you. All of these items are available in one comprehensive Adventure Dog Hamper to make travel shopping even easier. You can pick your hamper based on the size of your pet, ensuring that you get the right fit, and have it shipped to your dog in time for your trip.


Also, there is an opportunity to upgrade your hamper for a little extra cost to include one of our bonus features. They are:

Flexi Classic Retractable Leash. If you like the idea of getting a new collar for your trip, you may also feel that it is time to invest in a better leash. The last thing you want is their current leash snapping in the middle of your trip. A strong Flexi leash like this is reliable and gives you control over your pet when you need it most.

Flexi retractable dog lead


Tractive GPS Dog Tracker. Or, maybe you like the idea of upgrading the hamper with more security features. A GPS dog tracker can be a great tool for keeping an eye on your pet. It should give you the confidence to let them off the lead more often out in the countryside.

Pet GPS Tracker


Whichever option you choose, your new dog hamper for pet travel should set you up to face your next adventure with ease. It will be easier to care for them and keep an eye on them, which in turn means that you can relax a little more and make the most of the holiday.
Now go choose the items you need for your adventure and show us your pictures on Instagram by tagging @Travfurler. 

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