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HOTTERdog - Dog Fleece Jumper

Need a Hotterdog dog fleece jumper to keep them warm, be water-resistant, extremely effective for drying, follow your dog's contours and look stylish by a premium brand such as Equafleece?

Hotterdog Unique Design for Warmth and Easy Movement | Water is Wicked Away and Heat is Retained | Strap Free All in one Hotterdog Dog Jumpers

This Hotterdog dog fleece jumper by Equafleece covers the torso, chest, front legs and extends to the base of the tail to give maximum warmth and freedom of movement for outdoor pet adventures. The dog fleece jumper fabric works well to wick moisture away from the body whilst retaining body heat on a cold day.

Strap-free with no pressure points, the jumper is suited for long-term wear. Not only is the fleece water-repellent and machine washable, but it also is highly effective for drying off wet dogs after their outdoor adventures.

Quickly Dry with a Dog Fleece Jumper

Many dog owners have other practical uses for the jumper such as drying their dogs after a shower and after hydrotherapy sessions, particularly great for those winter chilly days.

Why it's great for adventures?

  • Warm: Ideal thermal properties for cold weather
  • Wicking: The most efficient way to dry off a wet dog
  • Breathable: Wicks away excess heat and moisture
  • Water-repellent: Actively repels rainwater, no need to reproof

Dog Fleece Jumper Features

This dog fleece onesie is Ideal for all-over coverage against the wind and rain and for wrapping up warm at night. Your dog will be so dry and cosy he won’t want to take it off.

The sleeves ensure a comfortable fit, insulating the joints without tension across the shoulders. In addition, there are no zips or buckles to lie on or get in the way of a harness.

If your dog is already wet, the Hotterdog fleece is the ideal drying tool, wicking the wet away from the dog’s coat to the outside of the jumper without him having to sit in a damp towel. For the working dog who is cold and wet, this is the perfect garment to restore core body temperature and dry off quickly.

- Retains body heat and wicks away water
- A premium fabric that does not fade or lose its shape
- Lightweight, machine washable and water repellent
- Neatly follows the contour of the dog’s back
- Strap-free with no pressure points, ideal for short and long-term wear

HOTTERdog is a pioneer in technical wear for dogs. Experts have recognised the award-winning Hotterdog for dogs from Equafleece® as fuss-free and effective.

The Poloartec® technology was a success in Equafleece, and similar protocols and features have been used in the HOTTERdog Fleece, making this jumper a winner for keeping your dog dry in the rain.

Your dog's body heat and the fleece material combine to create a waterproof layer and provide an easy-to-wash, easy-to-dry and very easy-to-wear answer to challenging weather conditions.


Hotter Dog Fleece Pet Clothing

Our Hotterdog fleece dog jumpers are water repellent, stylish, warm and cosy. They are loved by dogs and owners worldwide and are excellent for general warmth and weather protection.

Hotterdog is manufactured explicitly for dogs. Pet owners and veterinarians highly recommend these products. The Hotterdog fleece jumpers are warm, comfortable, and water repellent, so they offer excellent protection and are convenient even for wet dog walks. You can use them as everyday winter warmer garments while walking for all dog breeds.

The HOTTERdog collection available at Travfurler includes the most popular Hotterdog Dog Jumpers. These dog jumpers cover the torso, embrace the chest, belly, and front legs, and extend to the base of the tail, giving maximum warmth and freedom of movement for dogs of all sizes and activity levels.

These jumpers are strap-free without pressure points. The jumper is suitable for short and long-term wear. The fleece water-repellent and washable dog Hotter dog jumpers effectively dry off wet pets such as working dogs, outdoor-loving dogs, or post-swim or hydrotherapy.

The fleece fabric has been designed to wick moisture away from the body whilst retaining body heat - a practical and comfortable alternative to leaving a dog in a wet towelling bag.

Hotterdog Fleece Dog Jumper Range

Hotterdog jumpers are perfect for working canines. They are ideal for use after a swim or a wet walk to help quickly dry off or for an older dog who needs just that extra bit of warmth. The jumpers are also helpful for post-operative warmth and protection if your dog has been unfortunate enough to have had a vet visit.

Hotterdog Fleece Dog Clothing

The dog clothing range is manufactured from good quality fabric and tested by our dogs daily, especially in the winter months. They are super comfortable and stylish too with the green and plum colours being some of the most popular. They also wash and wear well, retain shape, and quickly dry.

The jumpers are simple to put on and have an adjustable strap for a perfect fit. Always measure your pup before ordering, and if your dog is in-between sizes, you should choose the larger size for the best chance of a good fit.

All Hotterdog products come in a wide range of sizes and colours to suit all breeds. These garments would be helpful to have handy when showing and after grooming. Keeping that lovely soft, fragrant and mud-free look is hard work but much easier with a Hotterdog jumper.

Sizing & Specs

HOTTERdog Dog Fleece Size Guide


Size Collar to Tail Chest Neck
XS 28-34cm (11-14") 33-40cm (13-16") 22-27cm (9-11")
S 35-44cm (14-18") 43-52cm (17-20") 30-35cm (12-14")
M 45-55cm (18-22") 55-64cm (22-25") 36-42cm (14-16")
L 56-66cm (22-26") 67-76cm (26-30") 43-49cm (17-19")
XL 66-76cm (26-30") 78-87cm (31-34") 49-55cm (19-22")