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Dog Raincoat with Legs

Engineered for Element Protection | Made by Motorcycle Specialists | Harness Access |  Completely Waterproof | Two Way Back Zip

This Rukka dog raincoat is designed to effortlessly protect your dog from the wind and rain.

When it comes to the best waterproof dog coats the ‘Rukka dog raincoat with legs’ is very popular in many countries especially where it is rainy, windy, and cold! Tried and tested in many environments, this Rukka raincoat is a full overall which protects the body, belly and legs of your dog. It is the perfect pooch attire when you need a waterproof dog coat to be resistant to the elements with its completely waterproof fabric.

This all-in-one dog bodysuit will keep your dog protected for a comfortable walk, but it will also help in keeping them clean and dry for when you get back to the car or back home.

The dog raincoat features taped seams, a covered opening for the lead, waterproof zip closure and is made from a completely waterproof fabric. The fabric also stretches to make the dog overall comfortable to wear and allows your dog to move freely, even in the most challenging environments.


Dog Rain Coat Features

- A complete dog raincoat
- Waterproof fabric with taped seams
- Waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection
- A dog raincoat with legs
- Adjustable leg ends for leg protection and comfort
- Dog coat with harness hole flap for lead to harness attachment
- A dog rain jacket with waterproofed zip opening
- Stretchy fabric for easy movement
- Reflective dog jacket for night walks with reflective piping
- Very comfortable to wear
- Taped Seams, excellent because they prevent water from entering via the seams. A feature not often found on alternative dog rain jackets.
- Covered Opening, ensures you can still use a harness thanks to it being a dog coat with a harness hole
- Waterproof Fabric, stretchy and will protect against the elements
- Reflective piping details
- Adjustable waist and collar
- Comfortable to wear
- Adjustable leg ends
- High, protective collar
- Waterproof dog coat with underbelly protection

All in one Dog Rain Coat

As an all-in-one dog coat, you can set the neck/collar to sit nice and high if required as it has neck adjustment capabilities making the collar fully adjustable. This means you can raise the area to provide further protection for the head and ears from the wind and rain if required.

Reflective Dog Rain Coat with Harness Hole

If you need a dog coat with a harness hole, then the Rukka dog coat will be a perfect fit. It allows you to conveniently attach your lead to any harness you place under the coat via a small flat which you can lift for access to your harness D ring. In addition to this, you will notice the white lines which run along the coat, and these are made from reflective materials, so the jacket shows up to flashlights and car lights when it is darker outside.

Dog Rain Coat with Legs Fastening

The two-way zip on the back makes the dog coat easy to put on and thanks to the touch-fastening closure on each leg, the overall is easy to adjust to fit different sized paws and to keep water and dirt out and the seams are all taped. An adjustable waist adds the final touch for the perfect fit and protection.  

Sizing & Specs

Rukka Dog Rain Coat Specifications

Size Guide:

Size Back Length Neckline Body around (max) Front Leg Length Back Leg Length
25 25cm 37cm 43cm 12cm 15.5cm
30 30cm 37cm 48cm 14cm 15.5cm
35 35cm 45cm 58cm 16cm 16.5cm
40 40cm 47cm 60cm 16.5cm 17.5cm
45 45cm 52cm 65cm 24cm 22cm
50 50cm 60cm 76cm 28.5cm 27cm
55 55cm 68cm 84cm 32cm 31cm
60 60cm 70cm 88cm 37cm 35.5cm
65 65cm 73cm 92cm 37.5cm 37.5cm


How To Measure the Rukka Dog Rain Coat:

A - Back Length: Measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in the normal position.
B - Neckline: Measure the base of the neck at the widest point.
C - Body Around: Waist measurement should be taken as shown in the photo
D - Front Leg: length should be measured along the side of the leg to the wrist bone.
E - Hind Leg: length should be measured as shown along the side of the leg to the hock. 

Washing Instructions:
Machine washable at 30°C - do not tumble dry and do not use fabric conditioner.