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Dog Hiking Gear

Dog Hiking Gear

When you're ready to hit the trails and new heights with your four-legged adventure buddy, no mountain needs to stand in your way with our dog hiking equipment. Hiking with dogs, whether they are mountain dog breeds or Poodles, brings extra fun to the hikes and brings additional challenges. Weather frequently changes, altering the hiking conditions, so you'll need outdoor dog wear made for the elements.

Hiking dog gear such as waterproof outdoor dog coats, sturdy dog boots and reliable and robust dog leashes are just the start of what dog gear for hiking we have to offer. We also carry all your pet needs for hiking with you, ranging from collars to harnesses or even collapsible food dishes!


Hiking allows you to reconnect with both the outdoors and your dog. You and your travel companion can bond as you stroll over the terrain when you are on a hiking trail, away from mobile phones and other distractions. You will be able to take in the unfiltered beauty of nature and smells. 


No hiker should start heading up a trail without having the right outdoor pet equipment. Of course, the accessories you pack will vary from trip to trip and dog to dog, but there are a few things each one of us should have in our packs. In addition, each member of your hiking party—human or canine—should have a bag loaded with their hiking essentials, including anything you may need in an emergency.


Dog Hiking Gear List

You'll face steep and high obstacles which require lots of energy to overcome, which means your adventure dog needs to be well fed and well hydrated, which is where our dog energy bars and travel dog bottle come into play. Finally, you'll need to ensure you can keep your outdoor dog safe throughout, which is why we recommend taking a dog first aid kit with you and some other hiking gear for dogs such as a dog tick remover, collapsible dog bowl and a dog tracking device should your travel buddy get lost.

No matter how high, far or steep you're planning to hike with dogs. We'll help you keep it safe and comfortable with our adventure dog gear. From stocking a range of dog carriers for hiking, hiking wrist warmers for yourself or waterproof dog collars for hiking, there's never been a better time to get up there with your mountain dog and outdoor gear for dogs.

If you want to take your dog on the subway, train or out on a long hike, then a K9 sport sack will make your idea a reality. They come in a few different styles, which means you can go for the entry-level models right up to the top-spec K9 sport sack Rover 2 for some hardcore pet adventures.


Dog Hiking Backpack Carrier

The K9 Sport Sack is known for being the best dog hiking backpack available. It will allow a much-needed break for dogs of all shapes and sizes. These backpacks are made for hikes, and they enhance the adventures by giving your dog a chance to push their limits but not exceed them by letting you hike as far as you can and then by allowing them a well-needed rest whilst you carry them back home in comfort.


Dog Harness for Pulling

When hiking on tricky terrain, a dog harness that helps to reduce pulling can literally be a life-saver thanks to significantly improved control, which gives confidence when hiking with strong dogs. We have a range of some of the best dog harnesses from Halti through to EzyDog and even a selection of Ruffwear dog harnesses and if a 'No-pull' Halti dog harness sounds like a good fit, then take a look at the Halti in this collection.

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