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EzyDog Running Leash 

This EzyDog running belt is the most comfortable and durable dog activity lead available on the market. It’s all you need for running or walking your dog hands free and with shock absorbing capabilities.  

The EzyDog running leash combines all the best EzyDog features into a shock absorbing product fit for outdoor activity lovers and Travfurlers. For runners, walkers, sprinters and hill climbers this road runner leash will keep you both together, hands free and comfortable when on joint outdoor activities together.

Fully adjustable, you can set your required length with the sliding side-release buckle that allows the size of the handle to be extended. The full length of the adjustable Road Runner is 1.8 meters. Unclip the buckle and use it in the handle to wear the lead around your waist or shoulder. You can use the D-ring and barrel lock to attach your favourite accessories when using the lead as a running belt.

The EzyDog running belt is also very popular with those who don’t run, those who prefer a stroll whilst doing tasks on the phone, or simply enjoy walking along not having to hold a leash. The convenience of going hands free will be a new and enjoyable experience and you may never want to go back to a normal leash.

Available in standard size (25mm webbing width) or LITE (12mm - for smaller dogs under 12kg). 


EzyDog Hands Free Dog Lead

- Use as a standard dog lead or unclip the handle to wear around waist/shoulder or use as a temporary tether
- Sliding buckle allows you to shorten the length of the lead if required
- Zero Shock Technology to cushion against sudden jolts
- Made from EzyDog Soft Touch™ Webbing and a neoprene lined handle
- D-Ring and Barrel lock for accessory attachment 

EzyDog Running Belt Road Runner Leash
Sizing & Specs

EzyDog Running Belt Zero Shock Technology 

- Soft touch webbing
- Neoprene handle
- Adjustable handle /Leash size
- Reflective nighttime webbing
- D Ring and barrel lock for accessories
- Shock absorbing technology

Size Length Webbing Width
Standard 1.8m 25mm
LITE (for smaller dogs under 12kg) 1.8m 12mm

The EzyDog running leash has Zero Shock Technology which prevents the stop and start jolting if your dog loves to pull. The absorption of the shock allows enough give to create an enjoyable running or walking experience. The leash is also lined with a reflective trim for safety of those who love walking or running with dogs at night.

The Road Runner Lead is made from an EzyDog blend of soft touch webbing, making it the most comfortable, strong, and durable dog lead on the market. The handle is also lined with neoprene making it extra soft to hold in your hand.

At Travfurler we love to go outdoors as often as possible, and this is an awesome product for outdoor lovers and runners who want to take their four-legged friend along. Dogs full of energy who love to move, and tug will benefit from the shock absorbing properties. You can use the road runner with any other lead or harness thanks to the standard clip, but you can also pair it with other products from our EzyDog range here.



Question: How big can the waist loop be made?
Answer: The waist band can be made as big as the lead as there is no restriction.

Question: Can this be used for Canicross?
Answer: Yes, it can. Its main purpose was for running with dogs and the length, strength and simplicity makes it suitable.

Question: Is this suitable for a 28kg large Boxer dog?
Answer: Yes. Very heavy dogs have used this and 28kg would not be a problem.