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Outdoor Dog Leads

Outdoor dog leads are one of the first things you will buy for your puppy or for your first outdoor adventure. The simple 'dog walk' can be one of the most relaxing or exhilarating experiences you can have with your canine pal. It's your choice whether you go round the block or up the local mountain. They will love it either way.

Dog training has come a long way since the early days of domestication. Many people now choose to train their canines using rewards instead of negative-reinforcement techniques, but there are still those who prefer the classic approach. The most iconic piece of equipment used by dog trainers is without question the dog lead, also known as a leash. Although outdoor dog leads can look like simple pieces of rope , the truth is that they are much more than that. Dog leads have gone through a lot of changes over the years, and today there are many different types available to suit almost any need.

The history of outdoor dog leads can be traced all the way back to when dogs were still wild animals . These early canines were often found in packs, and it was quickly discovered that they could be controlled by tying them together. The lead would prevent the animals from wandering too far away during hunts or when exploring unknown areas. This early method of keeping dogs under control worked perfectly well for centuries, but once domestication became widespread , people started to look for alternative ways to control their pets.


Extendable & Rope Dog Leads

To make your dog walk a smooth and enjoyable experience for you both you will need a dog lead made for the right occasion. It is a basic dog walking essential however you can make choices to ensure you are prepared for your choice of adventure


BioThane Dog Leads

Are you going to the city or the top of a mountain? Walking along a beach and then swimming in the sea? Hiking up a mountain and sliding through mud? The amount of different adventures you go on can have several different requirements which is why we like to give you options.
We offer a range of dog leads for outdoors including extendable dog leads, a British made tweed dog lead for city walks and waterproof dog leads for the mucky adventures. These easy to clean leads are made with adventure dogs in mind. They are practical and durable leads and will suit those who love to roll around in mud, sand and water. 

Flexi Extendable Dog Leads

These are leads which give your dog some breathing room to roam freely but allow you to still be in control. You can even get the Flexi in a reflective colour for night walks.


Giant Flexi Extendable Leads

Made for the big strong dogs. Do you walk them or do they walk you? Either way, you will need a heavy duty, robust lead which is made for a bigger dog and the Giant Flexi will be perfect for any occasion.


Tweed Designer Dog Leads

The range of designer dog leads will help you get that 'Louis Vuitton' look without breaking the bank. We have ranges such as our tweed leads which are British made and the quality speaks for itself. Manufactured by Tweedmill Textiles here in the UK, they are quintessentially British with a quality finish.

Browse our entire range today to find a perfect new lead for your adventure dog.


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