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Travel Cat Shop

Travelling With Cats

Our cat travel shop is filled with a range of cat travel accessories to make travels with a cat as easy and stress-free as possible. Because no adventure cat should be left behind! 

Whether you’re taking your feline friend to the seaside to take in some ocean breeze, heading out of town on a road trip to see family or flying cross-country for a luxury cat holiday. Travel with cats can be made simpler with our range of cat travel supplies. From cat travel kits to give you everything you need to get started out with adventure cat training to basic and luxury cat harnesses right through to cat carrier backpacks and travel cat litter boxes. Going somewhere feline-friendly and taking your mini panther or lion with you just adds to the adventure!

For the more anxious cat travellers we also stock a range of natural cat calmers, soothing cat treats and cat calming coats ensuring our range of travel cat products suit all cat breeds and personalities.

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