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      Boating with Cats

      Boat Cats Onbaord!


      For those boat kitties that are lucky enough to live on the water and for those who enjoy a hobby of kayaking, cruising or ferry trips it's important to always stay safe and be conscious of the power below.


      The highest priority should be keeping your pet safe should they fall in or be unable to swim, for this we have a range of cat life jackets designed for cats that adventure. It's also important to ensure all your other boat cat gear is able to stand up to the elements of water so we provide a range of water proof cat flea collars, water resistant cat harnesses and water resistant cat ID tags. If your cat isn't as confident on the water yet as others, cat travel sickness tablets can help or our range of natural cat calmers including cat calming wipes and cat calming spray.


      Perhaps as the next step your outdoor cat lover might join the list of cats that can swim and be ready to take on stronger seas!