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Baltic Cat Life Jacket

Baltic Life Jackets Evolving Since 1977 | Engineered to Fit Cats of all Sizes 

A newly developed, high visibility, pet buoyancy aid for cats. The Maja joins the popular pet range of Baltic cat life jackets and buoyancy aids. Used as cat flotation vests by water-loving pets and proving to be popular with professional working animals too!

A lifejacket designed especially for cats. The Maja is designed for the best fit on the cat's flexible body. With a tight-fitting neck opening and an extra strap under the belly, Maja sits firmly on your cat on land, in water and when lifting. The vest has a D-ring for attachment of leash, wrap around the neck, reflectors on the lifting handle. UV-yellow high visibility fabric for best visibility.

Why this is great for adventures:

  • Harness style cat flotation aid with reflective tape aids recovery from water
  • Strong D-ring attachment for clipping leash onto for added security
  • Achieve the perfect, secure fit for all breeds and sizes of cats using the easily adjustable webbings
  • It also provides protection from the elements whilst on adventures

High Visibility Buoyancy Aid for Cats

The Maja pet buoyancy aid has been developed specifically to keep your cats safe on the water. With a smaller neck opening and an extra under the strap, the Maja fits a cat perfectly. The cat life jacket also has a retro-reflective patch at the lifting handle and a D-ring for attaching a leash.


Cat Flotation Vest 

- Buoyant foam-filled cat flotation aid
- High-vis materials 
- Rust-proof D-ring leash attachment
- Adjustable straps
- Reflective lifting handle

Sizing & Specs

Cat Flotation Aid

This Baltic buoyancy aid is manufactured using a durable high visibility fabric at the top and black sides to prevent discolouration.

Buoyancy: Closed-cell foam
Fabric: Polyester/Nylon
Please measure weight, neck and waist to determine the best size for your cat:

Size Weight Neck Waist
S 0-3kg 18-25cm 0-36cm
M 3-7kg 21-28cm 30-48cm
L 7-10kg 30-48cm 40-57cm



Cat Life Jacket Questions

Can cats swim?

In short, yes - most cats can swim since they are born with the ability to do so. However, not all will have had the chance to learn and practice their skills. So, if you're unsure if yours can, or you're looking to start training and join the "catboat life", a cat swimming life jacket is a great place to start.

Are cats required to wear a cat life jacket on boats?

It's not so much about whether animals on a boat are required to or not. It is more important to have peace of mind that assistance is in place with a cat water float should your cat get tired out, swept away, suddenly be hit with freezing water or face any other unexpected situation.

Could you grab your cat if you got close to them? Could you see them if it was nighttime? Could they float for long, especially if they could tire quickly? There is no correct answer on whether it is mandatory. It depends on what environment you are in; however, being responsible and having the right equipment can put your mind at rest. You will never wish you didn't have a cat's life harness in place. 


What is the difference between a cat buoyancy aid and a cat life jacket?

Most people refer to all items that attach to you, like a vest, as a 'life jacket'; however, there is a difference between the two. Life jackets are mainly designed for extreme weather conditions and adventures, making them bulky and heavy, so they are not often used across pet ranges.

A gas compact life jacket will only inflate if you manually pull the cord to inflate it or if it is an automatic life jacket, it will automatically inflate when you hit the water. Buoyancy aids have integral foam buoyancy to help you float in the water meaning they don't require inflation. They will instantly provide excellent protection if you or your cats hit the water when wearing them. 

One of the most significant features of the buoyancy aid is it allows freedom of movement and does not restrict a pet. The slightly more comfortable pet buoyancy aid protects your pet from the cold and any objects they may hit, and it provides a little warmth to your pets should the worst thing happen. It is essential if you take your pets out onto the water.