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      Flying with Cats

      Taking your Cat on Flights! 

      Don't stress, instead go with the breeze as we help you making flying with cats easier and as safe as possible.

      Before flights it's suggested to use a natural cat calmer, we stock both treat form, spray and wipes so you can choose the best fit for your flying cat. Once onboard you'll need them in an airline approved cat carrier which they're comfortable in - the best way to do this is to ensure they're not too hot and not too cold, we'd recommend carrying a light cat blanket, collapsible bowl for food and a lightweight cat water bottle. You should ensure your pet is easily identifiable with a cat ID tag and in case of any poop accidents we'd recommend a poop carrier with air freshener that can be sealed shut. Don't forget the hand sanitiser for yourself and if flying across America, why not pick up a cat passport to record all your memories as you go.

      Cat friendly flights look to be on the rise so we hope this will help you overcome any anxiety around flying with cats!