Cornelis and Fi


Cornelis & Fi are both rescue-kittens with very different starting stories. Cornelis was 14 weeks old when he was rescued during Christmas 2019 through Dyrenes Hus in Oslo, Norway. Dyrenes Hus had discovered him as a baby kitten amongst a large, wild cat colony living in the forest. Fi was rescued at 12 weeks old through FOD (Foreningen for omplassering av dyr) in Oslo, but was part of a litter raised by a loving foster home together with their mamma-cat. Cornelis & Fi also have very different personalities. Cornelis is very dog-cat. He is a large, tubby guy who loves to fetch, go hiking / camping, and get his paws wet. He is brave, socially and in new adventures, and loves to travel in cars on Ma’s lap so that he can look outside the windows. Fi is more reserved and daintier; she takes her time getting to know new situations, she doesn’t like to be carried as much, and she has a much stronger will than Cornelis. Once she is outdoors and given the freedom to explore, her strong will makes her very brave, but Fi has not yet learned to love the actual travelling (cars, backpacks, etc), so we don’t get to take her on quite as many excursions as Cornelis. Still, both Cornelis and Fi are adventure cats – in different ways – and we have learned to nurture both their quirky personalities!