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The Bailey Fair Isle Dog Dog Jumper

Ultimate Warmth from Chunky Yarn | Stretchy Knit for a Flexible Fit | Traditional Christmas Fair Isle Designs

The Canine & Co Bailey dog jumper is based on a traditional Fair Isle design. Using chunky yarn throughout; it is cosy, warm and stylish for cold winter adventures.

The winter dog jumper features a lycra strengthened roll neck for better hold during wear and shape recovery after use as well as short leggings for keeping legs and underarms warm without being too close to the ground to get dirty or snagged in foliage. The shape covers a long body length which provides warmth to the neck, chest and back making it a great choice for longer dogs. 

The elasticity of the knit allows fitting across most chest and body sizes whilst allowing freedom of movement no matter your dog's activity levels. 
Plus with a cut-out under area and no panel on the back, dog's can toilet easily without you needing to worry that that jumper will get dirty.

The Bailey dog jumper can be used on it's own to provide an extra layer of warmth or as a base layer under coats for extreme weather conditions. With a generous neck collar which can be rolled to various lengths, the jumper can be used with a collar or placed under a harness depending on your dog's needs.

Available in three beautiful colours; gold on navy, white on red and new for 2022 - teal on grey.  


Canine & Co Dog Jumper

- Fits all breeds, sizes and shapes of dog.
- Long Body.
- Strengthened Neck.
- Leg socks.

Sizing & Specs

Canine & Co Jumpers For Dogs


SD 1 32 40 46
SD 2 36 46 52
MD 1 42 52 58
MD 2 48 56 64
BD 1 58 62 72

Made from: 100% chunky acrylic yarn