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Dog Treat Bum Bag

A dog treat bum bag is a walking essential. This dog treat holder has plenty of storage for a range of essential dog walking accessories. It has a large area for storing treats, including secure closure to prevent treats falling out, going soggy from rain or being stolen by your adventure buddy. It can easily be clipped onto belts, leashes and backpacks whilst on the move and be quickly accessed at the time of reward. 


Dog Treat Bum Bag Features

- Generous size compartment for storing treats
- Secure closures
- Separate storage for dog owners personal items
- Additional storage areas for all sorts of dog training aids, including poo bags,        clickers and target sticks 

Sizing & Specs

Dog Treat Bum Bag Specs

- Magnetic and drawstring closure
- Separate zipped pocket storage 
- Waistband attachment


Dog Treat Bum Bag FAQ


How many treats can this dog treat bum bag hold?

If we think about grabbing a handful of kibble sized treats, then four or five handfuls easily. Plenty for a doggy adventure.

What is the best dog treat pouch?

There are a variety of pouches to choose from. This one has an easy to attach clip, a draw string to close the top, plenty of depth to store enough treats and stop water from getting to them. It has all that's needed to make it the best dog treat pouch at an affordable price. 

Is it bad to train a dog with treats?

No. It is normal to use food as as a solution for rewarding your pet. However, it should not be the only method you use. Showing your pet praise, using a positive tone of voice and utilising toys can also be good incentives too. 

What do professional dog trainers use for treats?

We have seen examples of cooked chicken, cheese and bits of hotdogs being used. However, in some cases dogs could be allergic to any of these items. This is why some professional dog trainers will use the treats you provide them with.