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DOOG Mini Belt

A smaller version of the Walkie Belts and designed for more active dog owners. The Mini Belts hold 20 DOOG pick up bags and have a back pocket for an iPhone, spare house key and some cash. The elastic waistband makes it comfy for running and fast walking with your dog. Great for running and power walking!

Size: 15cm long x 7.5 cm high x 3 cm thick (strap length 115cm / 45")


DOOG Mini Belt

- Holds - iphone 5 and 6 and Samsung (without thick outer casing).
- Pick up bags included in front pocket.
- Hole for headphones included.
- Carries minimal belongings such as one house key and small amount of cash.

Sizing & Specs

DOOG Mini Belt

Size: 15cm long x 7.5 cm high x 3 cm thick (strap length 115cm / 45")