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EzyDog Leaf Water Bottle For Dogs

The Leaf Bottle from EzyDog is designed to keep your pup hydrated during any activity. With a capacity of 600ml, the silicone bottle converts into a bowl shape so that your dog can comfortably drink from.

The Leaf Bottle is made from a flexible, food safe silicone material. The lid converts into a bowl shape, that your dog can comfortably drink from. Removing the plug and gently squeezing the bottle allows water to pass through.

Encouraging pets to drink more water is essential to avoid dehydration and heat stress. The Leaf Bottle eliminates that unnecessary risk of your doggo being without H2O!


EzyDog Leaf Bottle 

- Leak Proof Dog Water Bottle.
- Holds 600ml of Water.
- BPA Free.
- Lightweight & Portable.
- Convenient attachment right for hands-free carrying.