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EzyDog Vario Lead

The ultimate in versatility with multiple applications in one dog lead.

The Vario 4 offers four functions in one dog lead. Vary the length and use as an emergency check collar. 

The Vario 6 Multifunction dog lead is 6 leads in one, extremely versatile, soft, durable and built to last. 


Vario 4: While walking you can go from a 180cm to a 100cm lead by pulling it through the D-ring at the collar end. Bring the handle back one more time and you now have a 72cm lead. You can then go back to a 180mm lead by just pulling on the D-ring. It's that easy!

Vario 6: The Vario 6 works as both a single and a double dog lead. It converts from a 160cm lead to a 100cm traffic lead in seconds. If you would like to run with your four-legged friend, it even works as a hands free Lead. Finally, it can also be used as a short or a long tether if required.


Multifunction Dog Lead

The Ultimate in versatility, the Vario 4 & 6 are the perfect lead for any activity, whether it be days out, hiking or a training leash you require, the Vario is the lead that does it all.

Vario 4:
- 4 functions in a single lead
- Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
- Reflective webbing for night safety
- Stainless steel D-Ring that won't rust!

Vario 6: 
- 6 different functions in a single lead
- Made from our Proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing
- Double webbing thickness for extra strength
- Heavy duty plastic D-Rings

Sizing & Specs

EzyDog Training Lead

Made using EzyDog's own special blend of super soft nylon webbing which is doubled up for extra strength. The snap clip is heavy duty and built to last with added reflective trim for safety and visibility in low light.

Size Guide:

Size Functions Webbing Width Handle?
Vario 4 4
25mm Yes
Vario 6 6
25mm No
Vario 4 LITE (for smaller dogs under 12kg) 4 15mm Yes
Vario 6 LITE (for smaller dogs under 12kg) 6
15mm No

Including a Specialist Size For Small Dogs
The LITE version has been designed specifically for dogs under 12kgs, with 12mm webbing and hardware that is smaller but still up to the same high quality that you expect from EzyDog.