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K9 Sport Sack Trainer 

Wild Choice of Colours | Great Entry Level K9 Sport Sack | Super Small Dog Carrier

For dogs ranging 4-30 lb (2-13 kg)

The K9 Trainer is an affordable, easy to use, entry-level backpack dog carrier. Available in sizes XS-L, it is ideal for smaller breeds, dogs still growing, training, and learning to socialize. Available in various bright colour options, the K9 Trainer should be used for short, non-strenuous activities like short walks, hikes, public transportation, and other similar activities. This carrier most comfortably fits dog owners with a small to medium build.


K9 Sport Sack Trainer features:
- Lumbar Support Strap (not included on size XS)
- Ventilated Side Panels
- Wide Base to accommodate your pet and its tail
- Side Water Bottle Pocket
- Padded Shoulder Straps
- Side Cinch Straps
- Unique colour options

Features included as standard on all K9 Sport Sack dog backpack carriers:
- Carabiner to clip to your dog's collar
- No-slip zipper to support your dog's back
- Angled side cinch straps to keep your dog in a forward position
- Collar enclosure to keep your dog safe inside the bag
- Side ventilation for breathability
- Zipper loop to secure the main zipper to the collar enclosure

Sizing & Specs

For dogs ranging 4-30 lb (2-13 kg)

Sizing: Length - Measure from dogs collar to the base of their tail. Girth - Measure the widest part of your dog's chest. 

If you find your dog is between sizes and still growing (perhaps you would like to opt for a bigger size backpack to last), or your dog's breed is short-legged/long-bodied, then we can help. We stock a range of K9 booster blocks that add a 3" lift to the backpacks.

Please contact us at info@travfurler.com or on our live chat.

Size Length Girth Common Breeds
XS 10 - 13" / 25 - 33cm Up to 23" / 58cm Measure for size
S 13 - 17" / 33 - 43 cm Up to 27" / 69 cm Measure for size
M 17 - 20" / 43 - 51 cm Up to 28" / 71 cm Measure for size
L 20 - 23" / 51 - 58 cm Up to 31" / 79 cm Measure for size
XL + N/A N/A Go to Knavigate or Rover 2 models

All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong. Do not use any of the K9 backpacks with dogs who have injuries or disabilities that could be further exacerbated.