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Rukka Hayton Eco Dog Raincoat

A lightweight raincoat to protect the dog from rain and mud, especially in the spring and autumn. This product contains recycled materials, making less of an impact on our environment. The coat has a breathable mesh lining. We've designed a coat that is stylish, comfortable, and also water repellent. With this jacket, your dog will remain dry and warm in all weather.

The length of the coat’s back can be adjusted, which ensures the product’s perfect fit on your dog. The garment is easy to keep clean and it dries fast.

The high, protective collar together with an adjustable neckline and waist make sure the coat fits well. Elastic rear leg straps ensure that the coat stays in place in all conditions, also in activities of higher intensity. 

The raincoat has reflective piping and It´s made of 100 % weatherproof polyester.


Eco Dog Rain Jacket Features

- Rukka Pets ECO raincoat contains recycled materials
- Water repellent
- Comfortable and lightweight to wear
- Comfortable and breathable mesh lining
- Adjustable waist and collar
- Well-covering hem and high collar
- Rear leg straps
- Closable opening for the harness on the back
- Reflective details

Sizing & Specs

Rukka Jacket Sizing


 Size Back Length Neckline Body Around (Max)
25 20-25.5cm 36cm 30-41cm
30 25-31.5cm 42cm 34-44cm
35 31-38.5cm 43cm 38-47cm
40 35-43cm 46cm 39-58cm
45 38-47cm 53cm 43-64cm
50 42-51.5cm 56cm 44-65cm
55 47-56.5cm 60cm 44-73cm
60 53-61.5cm 64cm 49-79cm
65 57-66.5cm 70cm 52-83cm


How To Measure the Rukka Dog Coat:

A - Back Length: Measured from the withers (not the collar) to the base of the tail, while the dog is standing in the normal position.
B - Neckline: Measure the base of the neck at the widest point.
C - Body Around: Waist measurement should be taken as shown in the photo

Made from: 100 % weatherproof polyester & breathable mesh lining

Washing instructions:
Do not tumble dry. Wash separately. Washing 30°. Do not bleach. Do not iron. Do not dry clean. Do not use fabric softener.