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White BioThane dog collar and lead


By the end of this article you will know much more about BioThane. I know for a fact I don't know everything about BioThane leads and collars and I am learning everyday. If there is one thing I want this article to do, it is to provide you with just a little bit more knowledge to help you make an informed choice and show why BioThane is a great material for your dog collars and leads. 


Is Biothane Eco Friendly?

BioThane is outstanding at being resistant to the elements to ensure you can use it over and over again but it is not by definition 'Eco friendly'. It is easy to wipe clean and BioThane products will last meaning you do not need to replace them. 



What Is BioThane?  

 Here are several definitions of what BioThane is.

  • BioThane is a trademarked artificial material that has the look and feel of leather collars and leads. 
  • BioThane is a brand
  • BioThane is a strong rubber coated webbing that has a soft leather look and feel.
  • It’s a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating 


The official definition from BioThane 

"BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable."

I like to think of BioThane as an alternative to leather but with low maintenance. It can be dragged through water, mud and anything else you can imagine and once wiped clean there will be no stench left! 


BioThane Collars Available Here


BioThane Leads Available Here


BioThane Lead and collar


Is BioThane Safe For Dogs?

BioThane will not harm dogs as BioThane collars and leads are manufactured specifically for pets meaning they are not toxic. BioThane also follow regulatory guidelines including REACH, CPSIA 2008 and PROP 65 as seen here: BioThane Regulatory Overview


How To Check If You Have Genuine BioThane

To ensure you have a genuine BioThane collar you would notice a difference in texture and feel when compared to a PVC collar or lead. The BioThane is softer and more flexible with a noticeable difference in quality and there are a set range of official colours found on the BioThane Site.


Lets dig a little further to see some really vibrant colours and to find out if they are eco friendly. 




Why Choose BioThane?

There are other “coated webbing” leashes available however BioThane offers a premium quality, style, look and feel and only official colours which makes a big difference. The ability for them to be easily wiped clean is outstanding. Whenever we venture out on a muddy adventure I choose our matching black lead and collar set, however my partner and many others prefer the more vibrant colours, did anybody say Sky Blue, Hot Pink or Merlot? 


Buy Here - Sky Blue 

sky blue biothane 


Buy Here - Merlot 

Merlot BioThane 


Buy Here - Hot Pink 

 hot pink biothane


Buy Here - Olive Drab 

 olive drab


Anything other reasons to buy these? Well yes, they are;

  1. Easy to clean and maintain by washing with soap and water 
  2. Strong and durable
  3. Available in different colours and sizes
  4. They will never never fade in collar and will always pop



Is BioThane Vegan?

BioThane is a faux leather and is not Vegan certified, however it is still a great alternative to using leather. Is it a perfect substitute for the environment and animals? No, but it is a step in the right direction. 


Is BioThane Waterproof?

BioThane is a coated webbing which is 100% waterproof, durable and stainproof. They are easy to wipe clean with soap and water and this means dog walks in the rain and mud will not be a problem. After a satisfying long, muddy walk, you will never feel dismay at the prospect of a wet, muddy collar and lead again.



How to Clean a BioThane Dog Collar and Lead


The good news is that BioThane dog collars and leads are easy to clean. They are simply wiped clean with an everyday kitchen cleaning wipe or you can wash with soap and water with very little effort. You will never look at the dog collar or lead again with dread after a long, muddy walk. 



Frenchie in Biothane dog collar and lead



The Elements and the Weathering Without BioThane


We receive queries from all over the globe. Sand, salt water, mud, dirt all cause collars and leads to break down and end up smelly. It leaves the travel bag with a pong, the cupboard with a pong and can even be useless. Once again you would need to spend money to buy another. Examples?


 Weathered lead


Weathered Lead



Is BioThane Waterproof?


First things first. Many people think leather collars and leads are waterproof. Leather can be good but needs to be treated and maintained whereas BioThane does not need treatment. BioThane is 100% waterproof and will never let you down on a wet day. 


BioThane Toxicity 


BioThane is not toxic and will not present a health or safety hazard when used as recommended. If you misuse this product it will affect the product performance and / or present a potential health or safety hazard.  


More BioThane Information?


BioThane are based in the US. If you really want to dig down and find out more information about a BioThane dog leash or collar or even make your own BioThane dog collars and leads then you can visit their website by clicking here


How Do You Deal With a Muddy Dog?


The answer is not to stop them going in mud. We have to be allowed some pleasure and fun in life and dogs love to get muddy. Need proof? Just take a look at the muddy dogs at the pictures are fantastic! At least you know you can handle the muddy leads and collars when using a BioThane dog collar and lead. 


Muddy dog


You can see more of these muddy pictures over at



Related Questions 



Cat BioThane Collar and Lead. Can a Cat Wear One? 

Travfurlers exploring with cats is on the rise as we would hope and expect and cats can and do wear Biothane products. I would like to throw a caveat out there and ask you to heed this advice before we go any further.


These collars are not snap open or quick release. They are fine to use with cats but, they should not be alone or unattended. They are Ideal for use whilst out exploring with you or relaxing at home in your presence. 


Nugget cat in Biothane collar and lead


Our ambassador Nugget always oozes class & style

If you would like to follow Nugget on Instagram (@nugget_thetravelllingcat

Nugget is a prime example of a travel cat who will explore alone and on a lead. The story behind this handsome boy and his owners is rather incredible and the adventures they go on plus the pictures they take will make you sit in awe. 


Where Can I Buy BioThane?


It depends on the style and colours you would like. Many are handmade so having trust in the place you buy it from is important. We sell both leads and collars which are available here  

Buy Here - BioThane Dog Collars BioThane Dog Leads


To conclude, we hope this article has given some insight into what BioThane is, debunked any myths, shown why it can be a useful as a dog walking accessory and has provided an opportunity to make dog walks easier. 


We look forward to seeing more of your pet adventures!


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