Can Pets Travel During Covid 2021?

Can Pets travel during covid

Article relevant until December 2020...Ignore that, the article is still unfortunately relevant in 2021!


Can pets travel during Covid in 2021? Good question..


Travelling with pets during the Coronavirus outbreak

Yes, pets can travel during the Covid-19 pandemic if:

  • Your local rules allow you to leave your area
  • Your anticipated destinations local rules allow visitors into their area
  • Your chosen transport method is accessible. This includes adhering to any advice on what apparel you must wear such as face masks


Covid has been a cause for concern for everyone. It has created so much uncertainty all around us. When can we see our families again? When can we explore again? When can we go back to work? When will our pets socialise again? When can we travel again?

In a year where health is of concern with this virus and the travel industry is struggling, we’ve spent more time at home with our pet’s. This has led to stronger bonds with our four-legged family members than ever before and mixed in with a new appreciation for nature, it’s no wonder we’re seeing more questions around how to get the most of travelling with your pet whilst the pandemic is ongoing.

We’ve put together this blog to highlight important pet travel checks to carry-out, advice on keeping your pet safe during the pandemic and some useful travel pet resources so you can keep travelling with pets during Covid. 


Can you and pets travel during Covid?

United Kingdom - Using a tiered system. You must check your local area HERE

Germany - Nationwide Lockdown until the 10th January 

France - Nationwide curfew until 20th January 

Greece - Nationwide Curfew until 7th January and you must text to leave your home

Italy - Nationwide Lockdown over Christmas and new year 

Spain - Nationwide curfew until May 2021 

Belgium - Home visits possible but strict restrictions in place 

Portugal - A ban on region movement at least until 4th January

Netherlands - Restrictions in place and advising against non essential travel abroad until mid March 2021 

Denmark - Full national lockdown until 3rd January 

Ireland - Rules on travelling have relaxed a little 




These could all change in the blink of an eye so please keep an eye on government websites. This shows that it is impossible to advise on whether you can venture out with your pet but with a little research on your areas and guidelines the possibility is still possible. It might be more likely to be a walk in the park rather than a train journey through the Alps though for now! 


Glacier alps


Pre-planning for pet travel

No matter whether you’re travelling with cats or travelling with dogs, as always with pet travel, planning ahead and preparing will make adventures easier for all of the family – but this is now no longer just advised and has become a necessity in the current times. With restrictions changing daily across the world, it’s imperative to stay up to date on news, follow government rules and guidelines and be prepared for very last-minute changes as seen during Christmas this year...Talk about last minute huh!

Travel Guidance for UK and International Travel

To begin, review your local governments advice including local restrictions and monitor continuously. Where can you travel to and from and when will you be likely to make trips again? 

For our UK Travfurlers we recommend the .gov website: 

Gov UK



Outside of the UK we recommend the WHO website as a starting point:




Once you understand the current options available to your adventure pet, it’s time to make a choice. Wherever you decide to travel or not, ensure you have a vet on standby and plenty of supplies to tide you over in case of an emergency. We have a blog on pet travel essentials that can help with this.  

Pet friendly staycations are the new going out!

If borders are currently closed meaning pets can't do air travel during Covid, could a staycation in your home country or region be a safer and an all-round easier option for you? Sometimes it’s easy to forget the beauty and adventures right on our doorstep and perhaps this is the year your pet could experience more exploring closer-to-home whilst supporting local pet friendly businesses.

Can you still travel with pets internationally?

Visit our blog for general advice and guidance on taking pet’s abroad.
Outside of the above, due to the pandemic it is worth double-checking no pet travel restrictions have changed for the country you’re wishing to travel too and ensuring you keep up to date whilst on the move.
Dog Flying on a plane

How to Pre-book pet friendly amenities

For any accommodation, restaurant or activities it’s even more important to make contact prior to arrival to check they are still pet friendly (check out and will be able to accommodate your needs.
With new restrictions on services and processes changing, some businesses are reducing opening hours, limiting availability and unfortunately this does mean in some businesses we have seen reduced numbers of petfriendly rooms or tables.

Preparing your pet for COVID-19 changes and safe travel

As facemasks now a staple tool used around the world to limit the spread of the virus, it’s advisable to socialise your pet to you wearing them before travelling.

If you are only just getting back out to adventure, especially if you have recently come out of a lockdown period, try to slowly and gradually reintroduce noises and busy areas. During lots of quiet time at home our pet’s can quickly adjust to this as the norm. Meaning they can struggle to re-adjust to the outside world as every day life picks up.

If you find your pet is struggling or is likely to in the future, we offer a range of natural pet calming products to help:
Travel cat calming kit
Travel dog calming kit
Pet calming spray

 How to keep your pet safe and protect yourself during COVID-19

First and foremost, keep yourself safe. The easiest way to do this is to adhere to all local preventative laws and guidelines and ensure you stock up on corona virus travel essentials.

Since the virus spreads on surfaces, ensure to sanitise your hands and pet’s accessories often especially if they are touched by others outside of your household. We stock a gentle, fragrance free and pet-safe sanitiser especially for this:
Also keep your pet well cleaned – our range of towel-off pet shampoos are ideal for keeping your pet clean when on-the-go:

With emergency pet services and vet’s reducing hours, services and in some cases the ability to physically enter the premises with your pet, It’s important to try and reduce the risk of your pet needing to visit.
There’s some key areas this can be focused in on, such as ensuring your pet is healthy prior to travel and their vaccinations are up to date, by keeping your pet on lead to reduce pet’s getting lost or injured and limiting contact with other unknown animals to reduce any negative encounters.
Where possible, stick to rural, open areas with lots of space and make the most of what nature has to offer.


Can pets travel during Covid?

Sadly, the answer like all answers during this period is complicated. Review local rules, be sensible, be safe and if you can travel with them and you do, then send us a picture so we can share and enjoy something positive with the world! #Travfurler

Embrace your companion, embrace the adventure!

Whether you’re travelling near or afar, enjoy every minute with your pet and thank them for their companionship whilst times are tough. We can’t wait to see where you explore together next!

Happy Travfurling!
The Travfurler Team


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