What Are the Best Pet Friendly Dog Hotels in London?

What Are the Best Pet Friendly Dog Hotels in London?

Many people visit London from all over the world with pets and today we will show you the best pet friendly dog hotels in London to help create a magical stay for you and your companion. We know the feeling when you might be unprepared and wandering London wondering "where is a dog hotel near me?" Here is a quick run down of your options. 


What Are the Best Pet Friendly Dog Hotels in London?

The best dog hotels in London in no particular order are;

  • The Hoxton Hotel
  • Qbic Hotel London City
  • The Milestone Hotel
  • St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London
  • Hotel 41 
  • The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences, Mayfair
  • Rosewood London
  • The Bermondsey Square Hotel 

When you travel and decide to take your pets to London, I feel it is one city where you should push the boat out. London is a place where the contemporary meets the nostalgic to create a vibrant, cultural city which is full of globally recognised landmarks that you can enjoy with your pets. The Palace of Westminster, Trafalgar Square, the Tower of London, the London Eye and even Big Ben only scratches the surface of what is on offer for you and your pets.

The Hoxton Hotel - A Cosy Lodge Style




If you can imagine the feelings you get when in a cosy lodge with open fire places and exposed brickwork then that is the sensation this hotel creates. It's trendy but also cosy. it has two large fire places and a bar. It's dog friendly, stylish and near the tube in Shoreditch. As pet lovers you might even notice the whippet dog sculptures at the entrance!


Qbic Hotel London City




Convenience is key and these little 'Cubi' offerings provide that. They were originally introduced in Amsterdam and have now appeared in London and they are quirky and funky which makes for a comfortable, enjoyable and convenient stay. A cubi is a room which is ergonomically designed as a sleeping station which has a flat screen tv conveniently attached to the bed. They have sound proofing which is certainly an added bonus in London especially when there are bars and restaurants on your doorstep. Its environmentally friendly, quirky and will only take 20 minutes to get to the major attractions. It is pet friendly and as a pet owner, try to book the room with a giant dog wallpaper otherwise you may end up with the wall paper of three women looking at you....


The Milestone Hotel - A True Luxury Dog Hotel



Feeling a little flush with money and want to push the boat out? Try The Milestone Hotel in Kensington gardens, Hyde Park. The hotel has its own pet concierge that will handle all pet request no matter how demanding your pets are. When you pay anything from £300 per night you would expect a few pet gifts on arrival, so what can you expect? You will receive a hamper of treats, toys, a feeding and water bowl, and their own bed with their own cushions and duvets and if you have a cat that will tailor your package to a cat too including litter boxes etc. No complaints from me, just mind out for that £1,000 deposit you need to lay down first. Oh did I mention there is a wonderful park just a stone's throw away..


St Pancras Renaissance Hotel London - King's Cross


St Pancras

Before I go any further on this one, if your pet weighs more than 10kg then forget it. My advice on this hotel is to call ahead first and verify everything you will receive before you go. They have a weight limit so our 13kg French Bulldog is also excluded. If you are still reading then welcome to a luxury feel, gothic style hotel with marble bathrooms. There is a £50 non-refundable deposit for pets but luckily this isn't per night although you may hold your breath wondering if it is per night when you are checking in. A dog bed and bowl is provided but things can get spicier. If you pay for the 'Luxury Pooch Package', your dog will get their own butler, a two hour session of training (it's impressive) and you will get a night in the Chambers Grand Junior Suite (also very very impressive and will give you the marbled bathrooms if that is what you desire).


Hotel 41


Hotel 41

Close to Buckingham palace, good hospitality and free champagne on arrival. It is superb with a weird mix of both modern items and a traditional style. Is it the most dog friendly hotel on our list, probably not but nonetheless your pooch will be catered for. One word of warning is that some rooms can be slightly smaller than you might expect so do some due diligence before you book. Our friends stayed here and were happy with the birthday cake for their dog which was cooked specially by the chef! There is a £500 refundable deposit to be paid.


The Athenaeum Hotel & Residences, Mayfair



If it's Mayfair then you know luxury is likely however it is not over the top. If simple and comfort is more your thing then this will probably be just right for you. It can be booked at a rather reasonable price (relative to some of the others) too at £218 per night. First of all you will notice 'Douglas' the resident dog statue which sets the tone for this being a pet friendly hotel and he will take a £1000 refundable deposit for the privilege of being there. They are very good with pets and it's less of the butler service and more of the small touches that let you know they have your pets best interests in mind. You can loan some of the collars and coats they have on offer. Green Park is very close so you can also enjoy a morning stroll with your pets.


Rosewood London



It's refreshing to have a nice hotel in London that is both pet and child friendly. The Cuban mahogany and marble stairs give it a real wow factor. There is a local resident dog called Pearl who wanders around the hotel and when they have a pet resident, it's a great sign that your pets will be happy there too. They provide you with a little guide on dog friendly places nearby for you to explore which is always a huge bonus for us when staying at a pet friendly hotel. No deposit is required at the time of writing this.


The Bermondsey Square Hotel


The Bermondsey

This area has a lot going on including restaurants, a bar scene and cute shops. It's a short trip to some of the main attractions including the Shard and the Tate Modern. The hotel provides a dog bed, bowl, treats and a map for pet friendly bars. It is repeatedly mentioned that this hotel caters for your pets well and really does welcome them with open arms and a treat. You will feel comfortable strolling around with your pets.


If none of these recommendations suit you, then you can always use our 'Pet travel Directory' to help you find pet accomodation companies which might find something that better suits your needs. 


Pet Travel Directory



To conclude, these are just some of the best pet friendly hotels based on our experiences and opinions from other pet owners, friends and family. One of the key things to know when booking a hotel is to contact them first and layout your expectations for your pets. You are their customer so they should work hard to make your stay a happy one and we should work hard to make sure our pets are on their best behaviour.

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