The Travelling with Pets Bible 2021!

Travfurler human and pet - What is a travfurler?
Would you like to be prepared to explore countries, restaurants, cities and the whole wide world? Do you want to be ready for travelling by tube, plane, train and car with your pets?
This guide will ensure you know EVERYTHING there is to know about travelling with pets. You will no longer need to source information all over the internet as this list will constantly be updated to help you. 

The Travelling with Pets Bible 2021





Before travelling with pets, make sure you write down vet details for a local vet to the area you are visiting, including an email and phone number for them. For a dog first aid PDF guide check out this Pet First Aid article
pet first aid


2. Return from muddy and wet adventures with easy to clean pet accessories


When adventuring in mud, rain, lakes, water, sand, sea and anywhere else the travel bug takes you, ensure you have easy to clean pet accessories! Find out everything you could want to know about BioThane the life saving, easy clean accessories for when travelling with pets here in our BioThane Dog collars and leads article.

 Biothane dog collar and lead


3. Preparing to travel and adventure with a cat, the basics.


There is a method called cat socialisation, which is about creating lots of positive associations in a safe and controlled environment to better improve how cat's react to the same association whilst out exploring. Read more on this in our cat travel guide

Dog Vs Lion



4. When going on a VERY long walk with your dog, take a dog backpack as they might not be able to keep up!


Call it a backpack or sport sack, its the same thing. The K9 sport sack is a solution to you and your pets going on hikes, adventures, city tours, runs and on a bike. It is all about enabling you for travelling with pets read more here


K9 sport sack dog on scooter


5. When travelling with a dog, you should read our dog travel guide first! 


If you are wondering about how to travel with a pet, especially the logistics maybe due to a holiday or even due to a necessity then hopefully we have some answers for you on some popular questions in our dog travel guide.


Travfurler dog


6. When travelling with pets, hydration should be high up on the agenda for you and them


Humans, dogs and cats are all out exploring, hiking, running, walking and climbing and that means more custom water bottles are required around the world! Read on to learn about your options for bottled water for pets!


Pet bottle


7. Do you have a cat? Do you have an adjustable cat harness and leash set?


Cats can be walked, it just takes some training. A great example of this is our friend Nugget the cat over on Instagram. Try a starter adjustable cat harness and leash set to prevent them using one of their nine lives! 



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