What Is Woofstock Dog Festival Like?

What Is Woofstock Dog Festival Like?

Once upon a time, very few festivals allowed dogs. if you wanted music, activities and something a little more fun with dogs included then you were all out of luck. The good news is that places such as the 'Woofstock Dog Festival' started to pop up and a new era of dog festivals (dogstivals) started to appear, but what is Woofstock Dog Festival like? 



woofstock dog festival



What Is Woofstock Dog Festival Like?


Woofstock Dog Festival is like a mini music and activity festival that revolves around dog friendly activities. It's welcoming, inclusive and lively which will leave your dogs happy and shattered by the end of the weekend events.  



Where Does The Woofstock Dog Festival UK Take Place?

The address is: 

Oldstone Farm
Dartmouth, Devon


What Music Is Played at Woofstock Dog Festival?

There are many tribute brands which give the real acts a good run for their money. Music makes everything better and when you have dogs, music, food and drink in the great outdoors what more could you want? 

  • Kat Savage will do classics from Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran. 
  • There will be some music from from the Bristol band Pretty Criminal.
  • Tasha Leaper will be performing some Madonna. 

The music will be non-stop on Friday evening from 6:30pm until 11:30pm with an area for the dogs to enjoy the music away from the stage. 


What Dog Events Are On at Woofstock?

There will be a mixture of events across Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday will mostly be made up of different dog show categories. We are most looking forward to 'Best Bad Fur Day' and 'Best Rescue' but there are many more for you to enjoy which can be found here: Dog Show Categories

Sunday will mainly be displays and attractions. There will be police dog displays, agility action, expert speakers on nutrition and behaviour, and have a go competitions. You certainly won't be bored and neither will your canine pal. 

Can I See a Video of Woofstock Dog Festival?

You can, this is taken from their website: Woofstock



What Pet Products Should I Take To The Festival?

Having the right products for such an event and ensuring your dog is as equipped as you are can make the whole experience much more magical.


What Do I Need To Take To a Dog Festival? 


Buy Here - A pet water bottle for hydration


Buy Here - A collapsible bowl for food 


Buy Here - A cooling mat 


Buy Here - Keep them smelling good with waterless shampoo 


Buy Here - Protect them from ticks 


Buy Here - They need sun protection just like us 


Buy Here - Keep poop bags to keep the place tidy 


Buy Here - Flashing dog light to rave at night 



How Can I Travel to Woofstock With My Dog?

The dog festival is based in the UK and is down the bottom of the country past Torquay. You will most likely need to go by car unless you live in the very south of England. We are in Southampton and it is still a 3 hour drive for us. If you are coming from Leeds or Newcastle, make sure you have got all the dog accessories you will need ready for a very long but exciting road trip! 


Google map to woofstock festival


When Was the First Woofstock Dog Festival?  

The events started in 2014 and this year (2021) will be the 7th event which shows how popular this fantastic dog festival is. The date of the event this year will be Friday 6th August to Sunday 8th August 2021. 


How Much Do Woofstock Tickets Cost?

The Woofstock ticket prices are broken down depending on how many days you would like to attend, number of people, age/group and what kind of accomodation you require. 

Disclaimer: All Woofstock ticket prices listed here should be validated and checked by reviewing the prices on the Woofstock site. You can purchase your Woofstock tickets from their website here: Woofstock Tickets 


  • Woofstock Weekend Tickets: Fri - Sun

Adult £38

Child £14 

NHS, OAP £33

Family, 2x2 (7-15 years old) £90 


  • Woofstock Daytime Tickets: Sat & Sun

Adult £13 (16 yrs +)

Child £9 (7 - 15 yrs)

NHS, OAP £11

Family, 2x2 (7-15 years old) £43


  • Woofstock Friday Night Music Tickets:

Adult £23 (16+)

Child £9 (7 - 15 yrs)

NHS, OAP £18

Family, 2x2 (7-15 years old) £63


  • Woofstock Saturday Night Music Tickets:

Adult £23 (16+)

Child £9 (7 - 15 yrs)

NHS, OAP £18

Family, 2x2 (7-15 years old) £63


  • Woofstock Optimum Luxury Tent Tickets: 3 Nights / 4 Guests

x 2 People £554

x4 People £788


  • Woofstock Luxury Tent Tickets: 3 Nights / 4 Guests

x 2 People £460

x4 People £648


  • Woofstock Party Tent Tickets: 3 Nights / 4 Guests

x 2 People £388

x4 People £557

x6 People £725


  • Woofstock Onsite Pitch Tickets - Please buy weekend ticket separately

x 2 Person Tent £45

x 2 Person Tent with electricity £60

Large Tent £65

Large Tent with electricity £85

Campervan (no electrics) £90

Campervan with electrics £120 


How Long Does The Woofstock Dog Festival Run For?

The event runs from Friday night through to Sunday evening. For the different times for music, talks and events check out this page: Times

Will COVID-19 Prevent Woofstock in 2021?

According to a recent tweet from Woofstock, it looks like we have the green light! Follow them here @WOOFSTOCKUK


Tweet from Woofstock


Will Travfurler Be At Woofstock This Year?

We hope to be there. We think it's a fantastic event and we will be joining the rest of you to party with our pup so long as Covid-19 remains out of our way. 


In Conclusion

To conclude, Woofstock Dog Festival is simply fantastic as an event for you and your dog. The variety of activities means you can go from music, to dog education through to dog fun and activities. You could also have a drink and conversation with like minded dog lovers. It's not too bad being at the very bottom of the country where it's a touch warmer too, so long as you keep your dogs cool, and what's cooler than attending a festival together! 



For a chance to have your photos in our blogs, use #Travfurler on Instagram. 



Happy Travfurling!


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