Tips for Travelling With Pets to Sheffield, UK

Travelling to Sheffield

Sheffield is known as the city of steel. It is the third most populous district in England and is only 30 minutes drive from the Peak District National Park. To help you get the most out of your pet adventure, lets get into our tips for travelling with pets to Sheffield


Tips for Travelling With Pets to Sheffield, UK


Is Primark dog friendly? Unfortunately not, however John Lewis is!

Are dogs allowed in Meadowhall?

Pets are not allowed in the shopping centre unless they are assistance dogs. 



Our Recommendations for Travelling with Pets


This article is primarily about travelling with pets to Sheffield but lets start with some facts about Sheffield! 


Sheffield, United Kingdom (England).


How many people live here? 




What is it famous for?


Sheffield was one of the industrial powerhouses of England. It is now famous for it's art and culture. Sitting in the middle of the country, two hours from London and 1 hour from Manchester, Sheffield is one of the most affordable cities in the UK. it is full of independent businesses, cafes and vintage and thrift shops especially around Devonshire Green.

Meadowhall is a big indoor shopping centre which you can see from quite a distance away when driving past Sheffield via the motorway (it's not pet friendly and has no pet facilities).

Around 60% of the city is green space and there is the incredible Peak District National Park. With over 250 parks, woodlands and gardens, does it get any better for people and their pets to explore? Welcome to the 'outdoor city'.



The Weather

It can be as high as 35 degrees Celsius and drop as low as -9 degrees Celsius like the rest of England. It's it the north so it is generally pretty cold. 



Tips for Best Instagram Pet Spots

Sheffield, photos, Instagram, Pets, Go! 

15 miles out of the centre - The Peak District can offer you Derwent Edge. Simply beautiful and then you get to go on a walk with your pets. 


Botanical Gardens - There are some amazing photo opportunities here and they allow pets on leads.


There are many Instagram opportunities outside the many different funky cafes around Sheffield. Make sure you choose a pet friendly café! 


Check out division street for some crazy street art which will be good for some Instagram shots.


peak district dog


Pet Travel Accessories to Take with you

You will do walking around the city, possibly hiking in the Peak District and it's likely to be cold unless it is the summer. My recommendations would be: 


  • Wrist warmers for walking in the Peak District.
  • Drying Mitts to get any mud and water off your pets after the hike. 
  • Jumpers for being warm and cosy when strolling around the city centre. 


Country mitts for dog


Pet Friendly Restaurants


The Treehouse Board Game Café - 41 Boston Street, Sheffield, UK.. Make sure you book in advance. it has vegan options, is pet friendly and is just cool. A water bowl is provided for your dog. 



The Grind Café - Cornwall Works, 3 Green Ln, Sheffield S3 8SJ. Go for coffee and breakfast and take your pets with you. It's relaxed and good for anxious pets who don't like it too noisy. 

Grind Cafe


Bungalows and Bears - What a cracking name and it's pet friendly! 50 Division Street, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S1 4GF. It's a modern pub in an old, converted fire station! Perfect for dirty burgers and beers. You will get a water bowl for your pets. 

Bungalows and Bears


Treehouse Cafe


Treehouse Cafe


Pet Friendly Play & Walking Areas


The Peak District is an obvious choice. Plenty of safe and beautiful walks to be done. 


Graves Park is in the south west of the city and is a nice walk. It has a café, children's playgrounds, an animal farm, pitch and putt, fishing lake and is a great all rounder for families, pets and kids. 


Norfolk Heritage Park - Think of a traditional country estate with structural tree planting. Stroll along with a coffee and the pets and forget about everything else. 


Transport Methods with Pets


How do you get around Sheffield? You would think trams (Supertram) would be the best option. Nope, they are not pet friendly unless you have a guide dog. What a let down.  They run seven days a week and until about midnight.  

How about buses - It is at the discretion of the driver whether your pets will be allowed on. 

Uber - car and by foot are your best bet around Sheffield. 


Accommodation - Pets Welcome


For somewhere luxurious in the heart of the Peak District, try Eden Tree Cottage. You will be looking at about £400 for a week and it is based in Bradwell. Here


For somewhere in the city centre at a cheaper rate which is also pet friendly then try Novotel Sheffield Centre.

Here is a little tip to make the stay more magical. The train station is a very short walk away from the hotel for easy access to the Peak District. You will hop on the Hope Valley line between Manchester and Sheffield (Northern Railway) and you will unlock some of the most amazing views of the Peak District scenery. 


 We hope you have a brilliant time travelling and exploring in 'The Outdoor City'!

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