Tips for Travelling with Pets to London, UK

Tips for Travelling with Pets to London, UK

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Your Pet Travel Questions Answered


 Is London pet friendly? Yes it is. Not only is London one of the wealthiest cities in the world, it is incredibly diverse with over 300 languages spoken. It is so diverse that all pets great and small are accepted if they are on a lead and are well behaved. 

Where can I take my dog

in London?

Dogs are allowed in a huge amount of places in London. We list some of these below. 

Can you take a dog on the

tube in London?

Well behaved pets can go on the tube in London. 

Can dogs go off lead in Hyde


The royal parks welcome dogs but you must follow any signs that request dogs to be on their leads. 



Our Recommendations for Travelling with Pets


This article is primarily about travelling with pets to London but lets start with some facts about London! 


London, United Kingdom (England).


How many people live here? 




What is it famous for?


'What is London not famous for' would be a better question. One of the most iconic cities in Europe, London has quite a rich history of architecture and culture. It can give you the high life but can also provide some bargains in the right places. It's vibrant and has been described as being a melting pot of cultures, nationalities and languages which sums it up quite nicely. 


Most Popular Pets in London

London is definitely pet friendly although can be very busy in some spots so be careful when walking around. Is it 100% pet friendly? Not quite, especially when walking around with Alpacas. Check out this video to know more.


The Weather

It can be as high as 35 degrees Celsius and drop as low as -9 degrees Celsius like the rest of England. The high rise buildings and sheer volume of traffic and people do tend to keep it a little warmer than other areas of the UK. However, pollution, traffic and the never ending construction probably doesn't justify the extra 2 degrees of warmth. 



Tips for Best Instagram Pet Spots

London, photos, Instagram, Pets, Go! 

London Underground - For those who don't travel on it everyday! Well behaved pets are fine. 

Sketch (Mayfair) - The bathroom is just bizarre but get a photo! Small pets are welcome. 

Neal's Yard - Covent Garden - it's picturesque 

Little Venice Paddington - Full of pretty canals and riverboats 

Westminster Arch (South Bank - SE1 7GL)



Little Venice London

Little Venice London -  @_like_heaven_


Pet Travel Accessories to Take with you

If it is going to rain, then try and find a yellow Paddington style rain jacket for your pets. It's going to be a busy day or so with so much to see. A dog backpack will go a long way to rest their paws once you surpass your 10,000 steps. 



Pet Friendly Restaurants


There are plenty in London but the winner for us is the Egerton House Hotel - Knightsbridge. for the Doggy afternoon tea! Perfect for vegans too. 

Alternatively, you could try Abuelo if would like something a little cheaper. They have a family dog who loves to roam around too. Abuelo

 Always be aware of the pet policy in restaurants!


Pet Friendly Play & Walking Areas


You can choose from a greenery, a cemetery and a beach all in London. Different huh! 


Try the Green Chain Walk 

Beckenham Place Park to Crystal Palace - (3.9 miles – 6.3 km) Cator Park and Sydenham. It's full of Green, has parks and even an enclosed area for those of you with younger or nervous pets. There are very few if any shops, so take food and water with you! 


A cemetery - Yes you heard right. A historical walk and pet friendly but ensure you are considerate as you stroll through. You will be looking for Nunhead Cemetery in South London. 


It is quite a stretch outside of central London!

A beach. Who would have thought there is a dog friendly beach in London. The Dog Beach of Ruislip Lido! There is a separate area you must go to with pets which is just past the Woodland Centre. Postcode: HA4 7TY. The nearest station is Ruislip on the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines; then catch a H13 bus. Make sure you plan for this before you attempt to go. 




Dog friendly beach

Ruislip Lido @vivien_zs


Transport Methods with Pets


There are tubes, buses, trains, taxis and Ubers. Just make sure you always check first with Uber drivers before you jump in. The underground will be your best bet most of the time and during peak days and hours of the week, have a pet carrier/backpack to keep your pets safe. Many people are busy and don't look around for small pets standing next to them.  



Accomodation - Pets Welcome


For affordability and convenience try the Hoxton hotel. it is a chain which you will find throughout London. They allow one dog per room at no extra charge and you get a bowl, bed, spare collar and lead, a first-aid kit and poop bags. Yes, you read all of that correct. Impressive huh! The Hoxton


Dukes Hotel London - If you want to really push the boat out then try this five-star luxury hotel. It has a pet VIP service meaning your pets will receive a pet menu with gourmet meals plus a chew and a 24 hour dog sitting service. Will they sit for your cat? I don't know but maybe give them a call to find out. You will also fill out a pet preference form before you arrive so you know they are serious about your companions! Dukes Hotel




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