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Weenect 2 Cat GPS Tracker 

Worlds Smallest Cat Tracker | Creates Cat Freedom | 72 Hours Battery Life 

The Weenect 2 cat GPS tracker is a cat tracking device and is the world's smallest GPS cat tracker for outdoor cats with real-time tracking and no limit on distance. 

The Weenect GPS cat tracker is the perfect device to keep an eye on your cat and will give you the confidence that you will never lose them. When using the Weenect 2 GPS Cat tracker, you can track your cat's movements on a real-time map via the official smartphone app (iOS and Android). This small pet GPS cat tracker allows you to locate your cat anywhere so your cat is safe on any adventure.

The small cat tracker has also been tested by a panel of six vets who have all praised the usefulness of the device, each asserting that in their expert, medical opinion it is perfectly suitable for an adult cat and presents no risk to your pet.

Weenect 2 GPS Cat Tracker Works Anywhere

Cats love to be outdoors, and we love travelling with our pets. It makes sense to provide them with the freedom to travel anywhere but in doing so we would like the ability to know they are safe with that freedom. The cat trackers integrated SIM card is international (works all over Europe) and multi-operator (it can connect to the cell service of all telephone operators) for 99% coverage of the territory.



Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Features 

The Weenect 2 cat tracker offers unlimited tracking in real-time and with no distance limit. This means you can always find your cat if it gets lost. Part of this involves the use of a SIM card in the GPS cat tracker, which requires a monthly subscription. There are other types of GPS cat trackers that do not require a subscription but are equipped with Bluetooth, radiofrequency or low consumption technologies which are not effective in finding a lost cat, especially in the countryside.

- Free mobile app (must be used with a subscription service)
- Waterproof (IP67 rated)
- Up to 72 hours battery life
- Battery charges in 2 hours
- Silicone case fits onto your cat's collar
- Track using a smartphone app
- Geolocation - no distance limit and in real-time
- Safety Zone - will alert you when your pet strays from their zone
- Education - Rings and vibrates
- Activity - use this to track your cats’ movements

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Recall

There is an alarm on the tracker which can be used for any kind of stimulus such as recall training.

All your Cats on the same Weenect GPS Cat Tracker

If you have more than one cat you can locate all of them all if each one has a GPS tracker for cats so long as they are set up on the same account. This will allow you to track them all on a map, check the battery life on all devices without needing to create multiple accounts for each cat.

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Has Real-time Tracking

There are three location modes available to you.
- Maps (Classic and satellite view)
- Compass
- Radar
If you know you are close to their perimeter you can ring the audio on the GPS tracker to help identify where they are.

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Territory Analysis

Territory analysis is great to find out where your cat is hanging out most of the time.
- See its most visited territory
- Monitor your cat’s activity levels and distance travelled
- Know the routes they typically take

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Safety Zone

The cat tracker has been hailed as the innovation of the year and received the France Vet prize for most innovative feline products and services. The safety zone feature plays a big part in this innovation. You can set safety zones, so you are immediately alerted if they leave the safe zone.

Sizing & Specs

Weenect 2 Cat Tracker Specifications

Weight - 25 grams
Dimensions - L x W x H - 5.8 x 1 x 2.3 centimetres
Battery life - 72 Hours
BATTERY - Battery lasts up to 3 days in normal everyday use (this may depend on time spent moving, GPS signal strength and 2G network). It recharges in 2 hours.
Batteries ‎1 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)
Batteries required: ‎Yes
Batteries Included: ‎Yes

Tracking is done in real-time and is unlimited (up to one position every 10 seconds), so you know where your cat is.
There is no distance limit between the tracker and your phone preventing the service to work - unlike Bluetooth trackers that cannot be used beyond a few meters.

The SIM card included in the product is multi-country (European coverage, except Switzerland) and multi-operator (several operators at the same time) covering 99% of the territory. if no operator is available in your area, the product will not work.

Subscription Required
Available subscriptions are:
- Monthly subscription: £ 9.99 per month; the payment is monthly and can be cancelled at any time (minimum commitment of three months).
- 1-year prepaid subscription: £ 69.99 (that’s £ 5.83 per month); the payment is made once a year and can be cancelled at each anniversary.
- 3-year prepaid subscription: £ 134.99 (that’s £ 3.75 per month); the payment is made once every three years and can be cancelled at each anniversary.

Box Contents
1 Weenect Cat 2 GPS, 1 silicone case, 1 USB cable, 1 charging base and 1 quick start guide.


Question: If we're to go looking for the cat where it is shown to be, would the technology still work on a mobile or tablet outside the house i.e., mobile internet?
Answer: So long as you have 3G/4G/5G on your phone or a wireless connection it will work just as the internet on your phone will work.

Question: Will this Weenect 2 cat tracker work in poor signal areas?
Answer: It’s important to remember that there are white zones that exist, where the 2G network is particularly weak, which prevents the trackers from working properly. Forest and countryside areas are more likely to be white areas.
To find out if this concerns your area, simply check if you get a phone network signal there (if you don’t, is there a telephone operator that performs better than yours in the area in question?) if not, our trackers will likely have connection issues in your area.

Question: What type of collar needs to be used with the cat tracker?
Answer: Any cat collar can be used to secure the Weenect Cats 2 GPS as the tracker has a protective silicone case with 2 slots on each side to put on your cats existing collar.

Question: Is this Weenect 2 cat tracker suitable for a small kitten?
Answer: You would need to determine this by first considering the weight of the device. Would this be ok on your kitten’s collar or a harness? Also, how do they currently react to having a collar or harness on? Understanding the answers to these questions will help you decide if it is suitable.

Question: How long does the battery last on the Weenect 2 cat tracker?
Answer: The battery can last up to 72 hours however we would advise you simply charge it on an evening.

Question: What happens if the cat loses its collar?
Answer: Providing the battery is still charged, you should be able to track down the collar using the phone app.

Question: Does the app allow for two trackers to be connected?
Answer: The app can accommodate multiple trackers.