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Thank you for showing an interest in collaborating with Travfurler and writing for us. We are looking forward to you hopefully joining our growing list of guest writers. If you like what we do at Travfurler and you believe that you can impart more knowledge and helpful advice to our readers, then join us today as a Guest Post Writer!


As a guest post writer for Travfurler, you will be able to:


Impart pet knowledge and information to our readers

Positively influence our pet-loving readers with your message

Please help us inspire our readers to go and enjoy travelling and exploring with their pets! 


For a successful guest post you need to ensure it is rich in content. The blog should be detailed and full with unique information from which readers can take inspiration. In addition, the blogs should guide our readers about the current trends in the pet niche, pet travel niche and outdoor adventure pets niche. 


Our Requirements:

If you are blogging for Travfurler, our blogging requirements are:


  • The post should be well written in clear English and checked with a grammar tool. 


  • The content should be unique, original and not published anywhere else. All articles go through a plagiarism scanner.  


  • The content should be at least 800 words.


  • Give a proper title and description with a keyword for the post


  • Divide the content by using appropriate headings and sub-headings


  • The articles need to be in Word .doc or .docx format. We will not accept other formats. 


  • The content should be informative, helpful, and easy to read and understand.


  • You must attribute any quotes or pictures to the original sauce. 


  • Content should be suitable for people of any demographic. 


  • You can link back to yourself up to two times regarding any services or relevant info or products you are offering. 


  • Please note: We do not offer payment for the blog posts; however, you will receive up to two backlinks from your post. 


Are you a budding writer, love pets and want to get your content in front of thousands of people? Please email stephenh@travfurler.com 




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