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Reggie is a cheeky but lovable character that travels around the UK looking for new adventures with his human. If he’s not high up a mountain then he’s floating by on a paddle board. Everywhere his human Suzanne goes Reggie goes too!

Reggie has attended many events and has also helped to support different charities. Although he looks all cute and innocent he can be a little naughty and will take every opportunity to roll in anything that looks stinky or dirty.

He is also a part time model for a dog modelling agency and runs his own dog blog.

Find out more about him on Instagram - 

Or visit his blog at

"Rain or shine, Reggie the cockapoo is always exploring in the Great outdoors.

Reggie is always ready for a new escapade. His days are always filled with fun & crazy activities. Reggie has been on numerous wild hikes and loves to share them with his followers. He will be sharing with you his most favourite walks in the UK across his blog."