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Ancol Soft Cat Harness & Lead Set

A secure way to exercise your cat outdoors.

This soft cat harness and lead set keeps your cat safe while exercising outdoors and is ideal for new cats or house cats.

The harness wraps comfortably around your cat, ensuring security and keeping your cat safe until they are used to their surroundings.

We recommend that you familiarise your pet with the harness by using it indoors for short periods of time until your cat is comfortable wearing the harness.

Ensure that the harness is a snug fit so the cat cannot remove it, but not so tight that is causes discomfort. 

Available in sizes small, medium and large.


Ancol Vest Cat Harness & Lead Set

- Comfortable and secure alternative to a collar and lead
-Breathable mesh with soft edging
-Adjustable to ensure a snug fit
-Lead attached
-This harness is available in two colours, pink and black.
-This harness may also be suitable for puppies and rabbits, please check the size of the harness.

Sizing & Specs 

Ancol Pink Cat Harness & Lead Set

Sizing: (underneath length measurement)

Small: 12cm
Medium: 15cm
Large: 17cm