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Spray on Plaster for Dogs

Please note, due to this product being an aerosol we can only currently ship this to UK destinations. 

The Aqueous Spray on Plaster for Dogs gives a bandage-like protection by forming a barrier to protect cuts and minor wounds from dirt, water, and germs. This then lets the cut or wound heal naturally while being protected.

The silver covering remains elastic and permeable to air. It is easy to apply it too awkward areas and stays in place while the area heals. 

Why this is great for adventures:

  • It helps to quickly seal a wound
  • Plasters will quickly fall of when pets continue to walk
  • It creates a protective barrier from the environment when outdoors

The Spray on Plaster for Dogs is made from a unique formulation, Aqueos Spray on Plaster stays in place while wounds heal, and lasts for several days.  Reapply if required to continue promoting the natural healing of the wound/graze/cut in question.


Spray on Plaster for Dogs Features

The award-winning aqueous animal spray on plaster for dogs and other pets is an essential first aid item for any animal owner that wants their own set of vet clinic supplies when out adventuring. 

  • An essential for animal first aid kits
  • Effective micronized spray forming a silver aluminium film on the treated area
  • Unique formulation protecting minor cuts and grazes from dirt, water, and bacteria
  • Bandage like protection promoting and aiding the natural healing process
  • Remains elastic and permeable to air
  • With excellent adhesive properties
  • Easy to apply to awkward areas
  • Stays in place while the wound heals
  • Lasts for several days (reapplication will be required if removed by pet through licking)
  • Keeps flies away from cuts and sarcoids in the summer
  • Easy to use aerosol spray formula
Sizing & Specs

Spray on Plaster for Dogs Specs


Depending on where the area is, the spray will last a few days and can just be re-applied as needed.  It is safe if animals lick the area covered.

Size & Weight

Contents: 200ml

Safety Note: Always read safety instructions, leaflets, and packaging before use.

It is competition safe for professional equestrians.


    Can you use spray plaster on dogs?

    The spray on plaster can be used on dogs, cats, horses and other pets to help with the natural healing process. The protective barrier the spray forms can prevent the risk of a bacterial infection from occurring. This is incredibly important if you are out adventuring and cannot quickly get back home. It is a great alternative to a typical plaster. 

    Will a dog's cut heal on its own?

    A dogs cut will heal itself just like a human cut would. You can speed up the healing process by stopping any blood flow, then you can clean it using a pet first aid kit and then you can apply a plaster, ideally a spray on plaster as a dogs fur makes it more difficult to keep a regular plaster in place. 

    Can I put a bandage on a dog?

    You can put a bandage on a dog but they will more than likely fall off or be pulled off by the dog biting it and rubbing it. Adhesive bandages on dogs are not as effective as they are on human skin due to the fur preventing the adhesive from sticking. A spray on pet plaster is a safe and more useful alternative when it comes to pet injuries.