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Giant Retractable Flexi Pet Leashes For Big Dogs 

Manufactured for Strong Dogs | Thick Strong Leash | Reflective Material

Strong and durable retractable Flexi dog leashes for bigger dogs. Same Flexi pet products technology with an even more robust design. 

Why this is great for adventures:

The comfortable braking system is a must for those split-second moments when everything changes; such as a car not noticing you going to cross the road or another pet running out in front of you. The braking system is not only intuitive and smooth, but it reacts within a split of a second.

Finally, the range of Giant Flexi pet leashes also features a protector belt with reflective components, great for low-light adventures to add more visibility and mean people can recognise you and your adventure pet from further away.


- 8m/10m tape leash
- Solid soft-grip
- Sturdy tape
- Neon-coloured tape
- Neon-coloured print

Deep inside every one of these Flexi leash accessories is a Flexi extendable leash on an ultra long-lasting spring, manufactured to stand the test of time. The springs in the Flexis undergo severe testing to ensure safety. They are dragged, dropped, soaked, forced to shudder and flutter and then exposed.

Sizing & Specs

M (8m) - For dogs up to max. 25kg, Product Weight: 440g approx.
L (8m) - For dogs up to max. 50kg, Product Weight: 630g approx.
XL (8m) - For large and strong dogs, Product Weight: 840g approx.
Professional L (10m) - For dogs up to max. 50kg, Product Weight: 860g approx.