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K9 Booster Blocks for K9 Sport Sack Dog Backpacks

Lightweight, soft and sturdy booster blocks to help you and your adventure dog get the perfect fit with a K9 Sport Sack dog backpack.
The blocks are designed to fit snuggly into the bottom of the full range of K9 Sport Sack dog carriers, based on bag size. Each block will lift the dog by 3", making them ideal for wide body but short in length dogs or those still growing. Not every dog is the same size and shape, but these will help you get the most comfortable and safe fit when needed.


K9 Sport Sack Booster Block

The booster pet block is made of high quality foam that is built to last. Dogs can be messy, that is why each block comes with a removable and washable cloth so you can wash off any mud or dirt.

- Made of quality foam (soft and light)
- Removable and washable cover included
- Can be doubled-up for a 6" lift

Sizing & Specs

Small Booster Block and Large Booster Block

Extra Small/Small Booster Block: Adds 3 Inches of Height to a Small or Extra-Small TRAINER, AIR-2, PLUS-2, KNAVIGATE, or URBAN-2 model. For Shorter, Thicker Dogs or growing dogs. Weight = approx. 120g

Medium/Large Booster Block: Adds 3 Inches of height to a Large or Medium TRAINER, AIR-2, PLUS-2, KNAVIGATE, or URBAN-2 model. For Shorter, Thicker Dogs or growing dogs. Weight = approx. 120g
* Also compatible with XL and XXL backpacks if necessary. XL booster blocks and XXL booster blocks have been discontinued.


Can the K9 Sport Sack booster blocks be used with other dog backpacks?
These booster blocks have been designed especially for the K9 Sport Sack range of dog backpacks, they could therefore be unsafe if used with alternative doggy backpacks and we would therefore not recommend it.

How to choose the correct K9 Booster Block size?
Double check the size of your K9 Sport Sack Backpack. The sizes of the booster blocks correspond to the sizes of each dog backpack.

How to use a K9 Booster Block?
Once the correct size is picked and arrives, simply slide into the bottom of your K9 backpack, ensuring it fits snuggly and without gaps at the side.

Does this come with a K9 dog backpack?
This product only contains the K9 Sport Sack Booster Block. The K9 Sport Sack bag is sold separately and is not included in this purchase. The booster block is designed to be an accessory for the pet carrier backpack that will help make your pup more comfortable.

Can this be used as a puppy booster block?
Providing the related bag size/weight restrictions and guidance has been followed, these are suitable for a range of dogs small-large.