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Rex Specs Dog Goggles Replacement Lenses (Original)

Replacement Lenses for the Original Rex Specs Dog Goggles. Available in four different shades to meet your dog's needs. 

Rex Specs lenses are all engineered from premium materials to provide protection from anything your dog may encounter. All of our lenses are impact resistant and UV 400 rated, blocking 99% of harmful UVA and UVB rays.


Rex Specs Replacement Lenses

- Compatible with Original Rex Specs Dog Goggles.
- Impact resistant.
- UV 400 rated.

Sizing & Specs

Rex Specs Original Replacement Lenses

Lens Guide:

Allows 92% of light to pass through

Allows 20% of light to pass through

Allows 20% of light to pass through

Allows 15% of light to pass through


How to check which Rex Specs Goggles you have? 
Take a look at the corner of the frame. If “Rex Specs” is printed on the lens then you have the OG goggles.
If “Rex Specs” is embedded in the frame itself, then you have the V2 Goggles.

How to check which Rex Specs Lenses you need?
As above, if you have the OG Goggles - you need the original lenses. If you have the V2 Goggles, you need the V2 Lenses