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The Tom & Tabby collection is a funky range of cat collars. The collars are made from high quality soft woven polyester, so they're comfy for your cat to wear. They are fully adjustable, and if your cat is the adventurous type, they include a secure snap clip to avoid any dangerous snags. 

For cats who are night prowlers, we've included a reflective print pattern, so your cat will shine brightly if seen through headlights. And if you don't like your tom or tabby leaving you live (and not so live) "presents", the collars come with a warning bell, which we've made removable - in case you like your furballs to remain wild.

Available in a range of gorgeous two-toned colours including: Fire Orange/Green; Ice Purple; Crimson Red; and Moss Green.


- Reflective
- Break-away safety clip
- Removable warning bell
- Adjustable
- Washable
- Made from soft premium quality polyester
- Suitable for cats and larger kittens

Sizing & Specs

Size: 23-32cm
Width: 1cm