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Vegan Cork Leather Collar for Cats

Bringing together comfortable, earth-conscious and adventure ready properties in each fashionable cat collar, from small-business design to hand-sewn finishing touches.

Great for use as a cat collar outside, thanks to the 100% water-resistant cat collar materials which are sustainably sourced from natural cork and finished with steel hardware. The vegan leather is durable, yet comfortable and makes for an extremely lightweight cat collar that can take on the elements all year round. In Winter it is easy to clean and won't hold nasty smells, whilst in summer it is light and breathable. 

The adjustable cat collar fits around the neck and can then be tightened or loosened for a comfortable, secure and flexible fit. Each safety cat collar features a little bell and safety stretch of organic cotton elastic behind the buckle which can stretch in the case of tangle or catch as well as leaving space next to the bell for a cat ID tag or cat collar charms. 

Why this is great for adventures:


Travel Cat Collar ready for adventure!

- Clip on cat collar made to be safe, secure and yet easy to use
- Comfortable, water-resistant and breathable materials make for a durable cat collar
- Fully adjustable 
- Naturally padded 
- Available in a range of beautiful earth inspired colours
- Easy to clean cat collar since Cork is naturally antibacterial and smell/dust resistant


Eco-friendly Cat Collars

Size: adjustable 20-29cm neck
Made from:
Sustainable cork
Steel hardware
Natural dyes  


How to care for your cork cat collar?
If your cat collar get's muddy or dirty, we recommend you simply hand wash in fresh water. An added bonus of corks excellent qualities on the list is that it is naturally antibacterial and smell/dust resistant. So your cat's natural collar will be as good as new and ready for your next adventure together. 
Disclaimer: As the cork cat collar colours are coloured using natural dyes, we cannot guarantee the shade of the colour or discolouration. Salt water (sea) often alters the colour so we recommend to swill the collar with fresh water after use. This will not affect the strength of the collar reliability. 

What is each eco-friendly cat collar made from?
Cork is the vegan alternative to leather, meaning you receive the same strength, longevity and confidence without the negative global impacts of pure leather. All Wild Piccolo cat collars are made from sustainable cork from Cork Oak trees in Portugal. 

How is cork leather made and used in cat accessories?
Cork fabric comes from a harvested layer of bark, taken every 9 years. The process is natural and does not harm the tree, as well as the bark growing back therefore making it completely sustainable. The cork fabric is then boiled to become more malleable, without the need for harsh chemicals. Finally it is shaved down to thin sheets and attached to a thin backing then printed using all natural dyes. These sheets are then used to make the eco-friendly cat accessories we see today. 

Why is cork great for adventure cat collars?
Cork is water repellent, extremely lightweight, stink-proof, strong, durable, 100% sustainable, cruelty-free and vegan. Meaning in one swoop you can own a cruelty-free cat collar, vegan cat collar and natural handmade cat collar that will stand up to adventures plus all the elements that come with them.

About the designer:

Wild Piccolo is a family owned, earth-conscious pet gear brand that is very passionate throughout it's hand making process.
Wild Piccolo ensures that it adheres to vegan, sustainable and eco-friendly ethics, which is why they will never work with leather nor use plastic in any of it's products and packaging.
Wild Piccolo supplies are all hand-sewn and handcrafted in Ireland, they take care to give each product the time and love it deserves.