5 Steps for an Enjoyable Trip to Ireland With Your Pet

5 Steps for an Enjoyable Trip to Ireland With Your Pet


All Pets on Board to Ireland


It comes as no surprise that Ireland has such a poetic nickname - 'The Emerald Isle'. This is thanks to its incredible green countryside which is just a little bit tempting to any pet owner who loves to explore the outdoors with their furry companions! 


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Scenic landscapes, positive friendly attitudes, warm hearty meals and dark, smooth pints of Guinness will entice all of us here at least once in our lifetime. It's perfect for dog walks, it has plenty of dog friendly restaurants and accomodation and an amazing coastline. 


Pet Transport UK - Ireland


When it comes to pet transport from the UK to Ireland or anywhere else abroad, there are a few things you need to know. Below are some quick access links for the information you need to help you travel with your pet.




 CGTN Europe point out how much of a problem this is



Do I need a pet passport to travel to Ireland?

What questions (other than Guinness ones) are asked all the time before travelling to Ireland with pets?
Do I need a pet passport to travel to Ireland? Do I need a pet vaccination? When is the best time of the year for visiting Ireland with pets? What pet medical documents do I need?

When travelling to a different country with a pet I think you will agree with us that your mind becomes overwhelmed with what you need to do first. These five steps will have you and your pet drinking Guinness in Ireland tomorrow (maybe avoid Guinness for your pet and offer them a 'Pawseco' instead).


With that being said, lets break down this task into five digestible chunks so you are ready to go.

1. Look efficient by having the correct documentation organised and ready


 Pet passport

- Determine which part of Ireland you are visiting.
- If you are visiting Northern Ireland from the UK then you are remaining within the UK, you can use an existing pet travel passport (ONLY IF IT WAS ISSUED IN AN EU COUNTRY OR NORTHERN IRELAND) or you can get an animal health certificate (AHC)
- If you are visiting Ireland then regardless of being in the UK or anywhere else in the world, you are going into the EU and must adhere to EU regulations. You can still use a pet travel passport but again only if it was issued in an EU country. Generally speaking I would advise you obtain an animal health certificate (AHC)


2. Stop potential quarantine by having all vet checks in place


Northern Ireland and Ireland both require you to have proof of:

🐾 a microchip

🐾 valid Rabies vaccination

🐾 an AHC Animal health Certificate unless you meet the above criteria

🐾 tapeworm treatment

🐾 Every new trip will require a new animal health certificate and tapeworm         treatment but not a Rabies vaccine



3. Be accepted into first class travel by knowing pet friendly transport methods


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-If you are flying from countries abroad such as America then you have options such as sailing the Queen Mary 2 from New York to Southampton with your pets. Then you need to make your way from England to Ireland/Northern Ireland.
- You can go by Ferry from the UK to Ireland but you may be asked to put a muzzle on (https://www.stenaline.co.uk/travelling-with-pets/irish-sea) (PLEASE: Make sure you have spent time getting your pets use to a muzzle before you travel overseas).



4. Don't be hangry and miserable, be fully fed and full of Irish ale by finding the best pet friendly pubs



- Use the Trip Advisor App and filter the reviews using keyword 'dog' or 'cat' to find pet friendly places to eat.

* Travfurler Food Recommendation in Northern Ireland - Bureau By The Lough - Bureau by the Lough, 637 Shore Road, Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland BT37 0ST, United Kingdom

* Travfurler Food Recommendation in Ireland - Horse Show House - Horse Show House 34 Merrion Road Ballsbridge, Dublin D04 C535 Ireland


Finding Dog Boarding In Dublin


If for some reason you fancy a night away from your furball for a few drinks and a bite to eat then you may require some dog boarding help.

*Remember, dog boarding is not the only option. There are pet sitters too or you could just take your pet out with you to a good old pet friendly pub.

Dog boarding will be available all over Ireland, however Dublin is a popular destination where a night out on the town may be calling you. For that reason alone, here are a couple of facts on how to find the best dog kennels in Dublin and how much they are likely to cost - Dog boarding in Dublin. 


What is the average cost to board a dog? 

Prices can start from 30 Euros a night. 


How can I find dog boarding that I can trust?

We would recommend finding the right boarding place by using Petbacker.com



5. Sleep and dream of more pet adventures by pre-planning pet friendly accomodation


dunmore house hotel


- For accomodation we recommend using the Dog Furiendly Website: dogfuriendly.com

- For planning a luxury pet friendly holiday to Ireland, try reaching out to Carmen at Exotik Traveller - https://exotiktraveler.com/blog/luxury-travels/travels/luxury-pet-travel/

* Travfurler Accomodation Recommendation in Ireland - Dunmore House Dog friendly room with ocean views - https://www.dunmorehousehotel.ie/rooms




Let us know about your adventures to Ireland and remember to share any pictures on Instagram #Travfurler. 

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