Tweed Bandanas and Collars for Dogs - 5 Quintessentially British Items

Tweed Bandanas and Collars for Dogs - 5 Quintessentially British Items

Not all brands in 2021 are iconic and well known, some are just the best kept secrets



‘Travfurler’, ‘Tweedmill Textiles’ and ‘Make it British’ are just a few of them...shhh



If you and your pet enjoyed venturing out together at a time when Covid-19 did not exist, and you enjoyed the finer things in life including the idea of wearing some dapper country tweed, then look no further for some of the most ‘quintessentially British’ tweed items in this range of products. Before we look at them, lets establish what Tweed is and who these ‘soon to be iconic’ British companies are and why they may be of interest to you.




What is tweed made from?


‘Tweed’. A hand-woven, thick, rough, and coarse fabric that was initially made on looms. The colours of tweed were and still are those that resemble the earth and nature because that is what they were inspired by. Even in todays modern world, we still relate tweed with the earth, the countryside, nature, and anything outdoor related. The fabric is rich in colour and is made from wool and it was once used for tweed jackets and hunting, fishing, and golfing attire on country estates, but times change, and we now have canine accessories on the agenda for your luxury dog!


Reggie - Tweed dog collar


Why is tweed so expensive?


Tweed can be expensive due to it being a strong, high-quality fabric. However, the main reason for it being viewed as expensive is due to it being a classic fabric, with quite the history behind it. It’s links with historical hunting, fishing and golfing attire on country estates only add to the idea of prestige which makes people associate it with a ‘high price’.




1. Country Tweed Rugs For You and Your Pets


British Made Tweed Rug - Waterproof Backing – Tweedmill


If you brunch, lunch, wine and dine especially in the outdoors and do not want any old blanket then you should consider these Tweed rugs/Picnic Rug with tweed pocket, fleece inner and waterproof backing.

Each Tweed picnic rug arrives folded and fastened for easy storage and is simple to fold back up after use. The Tweed picnic rug is easy for carrying on your travels making it a great travel accessory. The whole tweed range allows you to have multiple matching accessories when travelling with pets.



2. Tweed Dog Lead


British Made Designer Tweed Lead – Tweedmill


The tweed lead matches with the collar and the weight, quality, touch and feel of the product speaks volumes. If it is good enough for the humans, then it might just be rich enough in quality for your pooch.



3. Tweed Dog Collar


British Tweed Designer Dog Collars


Let your pets roam in style with our latest Tweedmill pet collars. Available in three adjustable sizes, these timeless collars are made in Wales at the Tweedmill Textiles factory. They feel as good as they look. The collars compliment the matching leads and bandanas to create the complete look for you and your pets.


4. Tweed Overnight Bag


British Made Tweed Bag - Tweedmill


This tweed bag is Ideal for leisure travel, business meetings away and overnight hotel stays. This designer tweed bag provides enough space for up to a week on the road. It has storage space for accessories, a good-sized pocket to hold your phone and other items and it slots into most overhead compartments on major airlines, perfect for travel. Now all you need is to book your dog onto that flight too!



5. Tweed Dog Bandana


British Made Tweed Slip on Collar Bandana - Tweedmill

If you need a slip-on collar bandana with a little class and sophistication for your pets, then we have a tweed bandana for them. It is available in many sizes and is easy to slip on and off the collar. It goes perfect with the tweed collar for the designer dog look.


Who Are The People That Intertwine British Quality, Pets and Tweed?


Products | Travfurler Ltd


Tell me more..
We don’t just fly the flag for worldwide travel with pets, we also hold a range of British products too for both you and your pets. If you want to match your pets in prestigious tweed when you hike, set sail, fly in first class, or sit under the awning of a motorhome and you love to visit amazing destinations, restaurants and hotels then look no further. We hold the versatile products from Tweedmill for the style conscious. Exceptional quality and did I mention, they are manufactured in Britain?




Tweedmill Textiles
 Tweedmill Textiles

Tell me more..
Learn more about where the tweed is manufactured and who is behind the tweed manufacturing process.
Make it British
 Make it British and Travfurler
Tell me more..
We love products from all over the world, but everyone knows that British manufacturing needs a boost and Kate is making this happen. One woman on a mission and we have listed our tweed range on their site with all the other great British products.  

Those British Gems for you and your pets


 Quickly skim to the products which interest you. 


Tweed Lead

Tweed Dog Collar

Tweed Puppy Collar

Tweed Collar and Lead Set

Tweed Overnight Bag

Country Tweed Rugs

Tweed Dog Bandana



Thank you for reading a very ‘British’ article and remember, no matter where you are from, we embrace pets and people worldwide at Travfurler.

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