Dog Travel Guide: Travelling Abroad With a Dog

Dog Travel Guide: Travelling Abroad With a Dog

Travelling Abroad With a Dog


If you are wondering about how to travel with a pet, especially the logistics maybe due to a holiday or even due to a necessity then hopefully we have some answers for you on some popular questions.


Can dogs travel on Eurostar?

Going to the source of the information from Eurostar themselves – To answer the question ‘Can dogs travel on Eurostar’ – In short – No. This is only possible if they are a registered guide or assistance dog and they have been trained by an affiliated dog organisation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You could have a pet passport, the latest rabies jabs, and micro-chip but if you do not fit the criteria above you will not be allowed to travel with them.


There was a petition for pets to travel on the Eurostar in 2014 and who knows, maybe Travfurler as a leading pet travel company will create a petition in the future, what do you think?


As sad as this is there are other options for some. Use the Euro Tunnel by car and when you do get to France, go jump on the national France railway for a train ride as they are pet friendly. You can then view some beautiful places around Le Paris! They even have little paw prints you must click on to book your little companion on to the train journey with you.

Instructions here:


What do you do with your dog when you travel?

What to do with your dog when you travel? Well, you follow our motto! Wherever you go, go with your pet! In all honesty though, this is not always feasible, and we are very aware of that. So, what do you do with your dog when you travel? Dog sitters are a great option and not because they will just provide somewhere for your dog to go. It is a safe bet and more importantly will ensure that your dog is kept entertained as boredom is horrible for the playful bundles of joy. They need socialisation, they need engagement, they need the attention, they need to be fed, groomed and played with so they will not become bored and naughty whilst you are away.


How to find a dog sitter?

Two membership bodies exist which can assist on how to find a dog sitter: The pet industry federation and NARPS. Take care when you find someone to look after your family members, you really are placing your trust in their hands.


Uber abroad – Does Uber take dogs in their cars?

If you are like us and you love travelling with your pets, you may want to go out and explore a city or go to a restaurant which is pet friendly and have a bottle of wine or three. We don’t leave our boy behind; we take him along with a cosy blanket that he lays on right by us. If we don’t drive and there is no public transport, you may find Uber is your last choice. So, does Uber take dogs in their cars? We have had a mixed reaction on this, depending on the country, the type of car and the Uber driver.


First things first – Service dogs are generally a big YES. I would be surprised if you are turned away with a service dog.

When you book an Uber, go straight into the notes area in the app as soon as you book and write ‘We have a small/large pet’ with us, is this ok for travel? Be specific if you can. Nine times out of ten the Uber driver will respond back very quick and on a one-off occasion they may turn up and then cancel the trip.


Some Uber drivers will be fine with it, especially if they are a pet lover themselves but it really is potluck!

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