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Boating with Dogs

When boating with dogs, you might be heading to the beach, out on a canoe or relocating onto a boat to go travelling. Either way there's a range of dog safety gear for boats that will help you both on your way.

We have seen adventure dogs living on boats for years with their owners, but boating with dogs doesn't mean being on a trawler or sailing boat, it can simply be small boats, kayaks and canoes. It's not for everyone so you should test them out on water first and if they are not comfortable with it then get them use to the basics such as being in vehicles and other transport to get them use to motion and travel in general. Then you can go back to trying the boating life again. 

Rough waters and holding on to your dog will quickly cause any pet owner to realise how much safer it is to have a dog buoyancy aid rather than not having one! 


Boating With Dogs


Being on boats with dogs can be like being in cars or motorhomes. Hydration, cooling, heating, safety, toilet opportunities, food and drink are all just as relevant on a boat as they would be anywhere else. The obvious key difference is that you are a few feet from danger with the water and life jackets and other safety items become vital. The sea and open waters can also be incredibly open to the sun and on a hot day you should consider pet friendly sunscreen especially for light coloured and short haired dogs.

Don't forget that if you are living a life of adventure on the waters with your dog, you are potentially crossing into different country territories which may require pet passports and other documentation for the countries you enter! 

From dog buoyancy aids, to dog drying coats and everything in between. We'll help you and your water loving dog stay safe, warm and dry throughout your adventures.



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