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Camping with Dogs

Dogs That Love to Camp Out!

We all know most dogs love the great outdoors, or great out-dogs should we say, so why not camp out with your doggo adventure buddy in nature and really embrace the wild.

Camping with dogs brings extra tummy tickles, morning licks and cold late-night poop walks so make it as easy as possible with lightweight dog camping gear. We recommend dog camping essentials such as towel-off dog shampoo that requires no water, dog tick removers for the pesky creatures that might be lurking and a poop porter poop bag holder for carrying the smelly stuff when there's little to no bins around. For those venturing further afield from the camp site, you might need a dog hiking carrier backpack or a giant dog leash and whilst back at camp ground keep your pooch occupied with all natural and long-lasting dog chews. Don't forget to keep them hydrated and well fed with a range of travel dog bowls for camping and a stainless steel dog bottle. 

Embrace the wilderness whilst camping with your dog and we're confident they'll show you an even wilder side to what's out there!

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