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Dog Calming

Dog Calming Products


There may be times during travel where your dog becomes anxious or stressed, especially in unknown places and events or at the start of their adventure training. Sometimes you and your dog might need a hand to stay cool, calm and collected so we've put together a collection of dog calming products. Featuring a handy dog travel calming kit, dog travel sickness tablets and a calming wrap for anxious dogs. We're here to help, please reach out to find out what the best solution might be for you and your companion.


Why Use Dog Calming Products?

Anxiety and being nervous can ruin a day for anyone but it can ruin the day for your pets too. These dog calming products will give you the opportunity to settle their nerves so they can relax and enjoy their travels with you.

Did you know that if you fuss over them and try to constantly reassure them it can intensify their anxiety? If you place them with familiar toys and blankets and use some natural calming products you will find they will soon settle down and look much happier. 

Stressful situations for dogs and other pets can include going to the vets, visiting loud and busy places or simply venturing out to the unknown. Some pets simply struggle with change. The natural ingredients found in our calming products can significantly change this for you and your stressful situations can become blissful for both you and them. 

Our Range Of Calming Products Includes Collars, Sprays And Plug Ins

We have many stress relief products for dogs including calming sprays, calming tablets and calming coats and jackets for dogs. We stock top brands such Beaphar and pet remedy. 

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