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EzyDog Thermax Winter Vest

A new style of Dog Coat, providing warmth, together with freedom of movement, that fits underneath your dog's collar or harness.

The Thermax Vest is the first ever 'skin' style of dog coat that generates warmth via the insulation of your dog's natural body heat. This style of dog jacket enables unhindered movement for your dog, whilst providing you with the convenience of tethering the lead to your dog without having to adjust the coat. Perfect for active dogs and owners, the streamline fit of the Thermax Vest ensures that your dog can enjoy daily walks without limitations, whatever the weather.

The Thermax's durable zip, thermoseal taped seams and water resistant coating guarantees that this dog jacket will hold up against the elements. Don't let the rain stop you enjoying adventures with your dog.

The underbody of the Thermax Vest is lined with a lattice polar fleece, generating a great deal of warmth for those cold winter dog walks. With it's lightweight design and waterproof coating, this dog coat is also effective in Spring and Autumn. The snug fit stops any wind or rain from passing up and under the garment.

With its 4 way stretch technology and single zip, the Thermax Vest has been designed for convenience and comfort. Simply feed your dog's front legs through the openings, wrap vest around your dog's girth, zip up and clasp around the neck. The flexible microfibre shell stretches to fit all dog types. Whether you are looking for a dog coat for a Vizsla, Dalmation, Border Collie, Boston Terrier or any other breed, there will be a Thermax Vest to fit.

The Thermax Vest contours perfectly to the shape of the dog's torso, making it the perfect dog coat for running, trekking or any other type of demanding dog walk. Let the activies continue, whatever the weather.


EzyDog Thermax Winter Dog Vest

- Harness or Collar fits over the top of vest.
- 50 denier microfibre 4 way stretch shell for warmth and unhindered movement.
- Streamline ergonomic fit.
- Cationic lattice polar fleece underbody.
- Transparent waterproof coating.
- Thermoseal taped seams.

Sizing & Specs

EzyDog Thermax Winter Dog Vest

For best fit measure the length of your dog. This is the area from your dog's neck to the base of the tail.

Size Length (cm)
XS 30
S 35
M 40
L 47
XL 52

Please note that the Thermax Vest is not suitable for Giant Breeds.