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EzyDog Zero Shock Lead Coupler

This lead coupler provides the convenience of comfortably walking two dogs with the added benefits of EzyDog Zero Shock technology and a traffic control handle.

Walk two dogs together with Zero Shock technology and a Traffic Control Handle. What better way to walk with two dogs!

Both ends of the coupler include Zero Shock technology. Zero Shock is the advanced shock absorbing component in the centre of the extension, that cushions and eases the pressure for both you and your dog.

The coupler is made from our own blend of soft webbing, making it both strong and comfortable.

Both ends have an additional handle positioned near the dog's collar giving you quick and secure control over the dogs when needed.


EzyDog Zero Shock Double Dog Lead

- Zero Shock Technology to absorb any sudden jolts.
- Made from our proprietary Soft Touch™ Webbing.
- Traffic Control Handle located near end of coupler for close control in built up areas.

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