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Travel Cat Trackers

Cat Trackers

Cat trackers are great when in unfamiliar places because it can be worrying to think of what might happen if your cat escapes or is startled and breaks free. In this scenario, it's best to have peace of mind that you'll be able to follow your kitties movements with a GPS cat tracker.

We have both a tracking device designed for cats and a generic pet GPS tracker that works just as well on cat collars, but with added safety features such as a waterproof cat tracker, a worldwide cat tracker, and a cat activity monitor.

Cats have a way of disappearing for hours on end without any notice. So it can be frustrating to come home and find that they've been gone the whole day, only to return when it's dark out. This is where cat trackers come in handy! Cat trackers are devices that you put on your cat's collar and then use an app to locate them at any time. You can even set up notifications so you know when they leave or enter or leave certain areas in your house!


What Are Cat Trackers and How Do They Work?

Cat trackers consist of a device typically attached to the cat collar equipped with GPS technology. Cat owners often attach the cat tracker to their current cat collar. This is the most common way that cat trackers are used. When a cat leaves its designated safe space, the cat tracker will signal the cat owner's smartphone app.


Why Do You Need a Cat Tracker?

A cat tracker is a great tool to have if you are a cat owner. If your cat gets lost, a cat tracker can help you find them.

A cat tracker is a device that can help you find your cat if they get lost or run away from home. Cat trackers use GPS technology to track your cat's location.

Cat trackers come in various shapes and sizes, and there is always one cat tracker that will suit your cat.

How to Find the Best Cat Tracker for Your Needs

There are a lot of cat trackers on the market, and it can be tough to find the best one for your needs. Here are some tips to help you choose cat trackers.

Here is some cat tracker advice that will make your decision much more straightforward.

It's important to know what cat trackers are available before you begin looking for one. Here is a list of the different types of cat trackers that exist.
- Global Positioning System (GPS) cat trackers
- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cat trackers
- Cellular cat trackers

Global Positioning System (GPS) cat trackers will be the most expensive. They use cat collars with GPS trackers and cell towers to communicate with the cat.

- Cellular cat tracking systems make it easy to track your cat. The only downside is that you need a cell phone signal for the system to work correctly.

- Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) cat trackers are one of the most affordable cat tracker options. They use radio frequency tags that your cat wears in a collar to keep track of it.

- GPS cat trackers are the best cat tracker options because they work anywhere. The only downside is that they're typically more expensive, but that's because they work very well!

Your cat tracker choices include:

Weenect 2 GPS Cat Tracker - The Weenect 2 cat tracker is a cat tracking device and is the world's smallest GPS cat tracker for outdoor cats with real-time tracking and no limit on distance.

Tractive GPS Cat Tracker and Activity Monitor - The Tractive GPS cat tracker, is 100% waterproof and robust and keeps track of your pet's location even from the other side of the globe. It works in real-time, gives you the complete location history and even has activity tracking features like a Fitbit for your pet!

Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker - The Pawfit 2 Pet Tracker is the latest fully waterproof pet tracker that provides a range of reliable ways for you to monitor your pet's location, activities and fitness levels. The pet tracking device combines location tracking, activity monitoring and other pet protection features into one robust, small and easy-to-use GPS tracker for pets.


The Benefits of Tracking Your Kitty's Movements with

Cat trackers are becoming more and more popular as a way to keep tabs on your feline friend. But what are the benefits of using one of these devices?

Here are just a few reasons why cat trackers can be beneficial:
- If your cat is notorious for running outside, cat trackers can help you locate them and bring their adventurous spirit back indoors.

- If your cat tends to spend too much time at cat-friendly businesses like the vet or groomer, cat trackers can help you keep them on a more regular schedule.

- If your cat is elderly or has health issues, a cat tracker can help you keep an eye on their activity levels and ensure they're getting enough exercise.

- If your cat tends to get up and wander around in the middle of the night, cat trackers can help you get them back to bed without having to search the house for hours on end.


How to Train Your Cat to Wear a Tracker Collar

Training cat's to wear a cat tracker collar is not as hard as you may think. In fact, with a bit of patience and persistence, your cat will be wearing their cat tracker collar like a cat champion.
The key to successfully training your cat is understanding what motivates them and using positive reinforcement.

Some cats may be motivated by treats, while others prefer a cat toy or scratch post. Whichever method you choose, make sure you consistently reward your cat every time they wear the collar.

If your cat is hesitant to wear the collar at first, start by only leaving it on for a short period. Gradually increase the amount of time they wear the collar until they are comfortable wearing it all the time.

A cat GPS tracker can help keep your cat safe and secure, so make sure to take the time to train them to wear their cat tracker collar properly. With a bit of patience and persistence, your cat will be wearing their cat tracker like a pro in no time!


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