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Who are we?
We're Travfurler, and we're a family of people and pets working together to make life better for people and pets. For three generations we've travelled with our animals (furred, feathered and scaly), and we've put that deep knowledge and experience to work, to create useful, essential and beautiful products that we wished we'd had during those old-school adventures.

We're based by the seaside in Southampton, UK, but our reach is global. We love practicality but we have an eye for a bit of style. And all our products are tested on animals - in a good way. We have our very own team of expert testers: our pups Francis, Harley and Eddie and our kitties Oscar, Missy and Willow.

The Travfurler Mission
Our mission is to help you and your pets explore and enjoy the world together. We do this by making it easier and safer for you to travel with your pet anywhere, anyhow.

Our Vision

We want a world in which people and their pets can enjoy travelling - from the shortest stroll to the longest odyssey - safely, easily and happily together.

Our Aims

We work to:
- Inspire. We show you exciting ways of having more, better, exciting adventures with your pets.
- Liberate. We make every type of travel possible. Nowhere is out of bounds and nothing is out of reach.
- Protect. We keep travel safe, reliable and secure for the pet in your family.

What do we believe?

Pets are precious. They're part of your tribe. When you welcome your new pup, cat, rabbit or pony into the family, they bring joy. But they also bring new responsibilities. And you're ready to meet these responsibilities full on. Because family.

But does this mean that you have to stay home, or leave them at home when you travel? No. 
- When you have a pet, life should get bigger, not smaller.
- Adventures are essential. It's vital to stay curious and to broaden your horizons, enriching life for everyone with feet, fins, paws and claws.
- Your pet loves to be with you, wherever you are. And that's ok.
- Service animals and working dogs need great gear, too.
- Animals are not cargo. If your pet has to travel internationally, it must be done compassionately, safely and well.
- Your pet's safety, security and happiness is the most important thing in the world. Ever.
- Style should be fitted as standard.

Wherever you go, go with your pet.

Thank you for reading our story and happy Travfurling!