Shipping policy

We ship nationally and internationally and aim to offer a tracked or signed for delivery service on all of our orders, based upon order weight and destination. We use Royal Mail and will always ensure you know the cost of postage before you are asked for any payment information. Some items may be shipped separately, but you will always have the option to choose your preferred delivery speed and related charge across all products.

Please be aware, all shipping timelines provided are delivery aims, these are estimated and cannot always be guaranteed unless specifically stated. When there are scenarios outside of our control such as; International Bank Holidays, adverse weather conditions or country-wide border changes there may be a risk of delays in delivery to the destination. All tracked services can request compensation for shipping delays (available 25 working days after the original estimated delivery date). Unfortunately at this time we are unable to offer this service to shorter delays or on all other shipment options, including standard and economy delivery. Although severe delays will be reviewed on a case by case basis.


For International orders

Please be advised, you as the customer are responsible for your own countries customs duties and taxesIn-light of current events we strongly recommend a Tracked service is selected, especially for international orders. More information on this can be found in our Covid/Brexit update found here.
You must also ensure the correct address format and contact details are provided to us and that you are not purchasing restricted items for the destination country. We will always endeavour to check for potential issues, however we cannot be held responsible for incorrect address data, incorrect contact details or restricted items being purchased. The best way to check you are meeting the destination countries shipping guidelines is to check the relevant shipping guide found here: International Country Guides



Any questions or enquiries, please contact us before purchase at


Order before 11:30am UK time for same-day despatch
Please note, our same day despatch cut-off time has temporarily changed (from 3pm) due to opening time changes at Royal Mail in-light of current events. Where possible we will always try to find a local post office or customer service point throughout the day, but cannot guarantee items ordered after 11:30am will be despatched the same day.
Same day despatch is also not currently available for orders containing personalised items such as pet tags.  

Free Delivery Bands*:

Once the minimum order spend has been met for the country you require shipment too, the free delivery band will become available in your basket.

These bands are:
UK - Spend over £30 to receive free UK Delivery (2-3 days)
Europe - Spend over £60 (or European currency equivalent) to receive free European Tracked Delivery (3-5 days)
Outside of Europe - Spend over £120 (or Worldwide currency equivalent) to receive free Worldwide Tracked Delivery (5-7 days)


*Free delivery is not currently available on Animalarm, Ruff&Tumble drying coats (except for classic sizes XXXS-XS Travfurler embroidered coats), Petsports (outside of the US), Canine&Co christmas pet jumpers and may exclude bulky/heavy items, out of stock items/pre-orders or items which require shipment directly from the manufacturer. When additional charges are required (such as for the above products) these will be displayed in the basket at the shipping calculation stage. All items which require a separate delivery charge will still count towards the free delivery bands but may add a 3-5 day delay to the order despatch date. 
Travfurler Ltd reserve the right to amend/cancel these bands at any given time. 

UK Delivery Options


FREE UK Delivery (2-3 days) - spend over £30 (or local currency equivalent)


Tracked Next Working Day Delivery Aim:

UK Tracked Next Working Day 0g-50g £4.25
UK Tracked Next Working Day 51g-1000g £5.75
UK Tracked Next Working Day 1001g-2000g £8.00
UK Tracked Next Working Day 2001g and up £18.25


Tracked 48 Hour Delivery Aim:

UK Tracked 48 Hour 0g-50g £3.75
UK Tracked 48 Hour 51g-2000g £5.00
UK Tracked 48 Hour 2001g and up £10.75


First Class 1-2 days Delivery Aim:

UK First Class 1-2 days 0g-50g £1.00
UK First Class 1-2 days 51g-1000g £4.00
UK First Class 1-2 days 1001g-2000g £5.75
UK First Class 1-2 days 2001g and up £16.00

Second Class - 3 days Delivery Aim:

UK Second Class 3 days 0g-50g £0.75
UK Second Class 3 days 51g-2000g £3.25
UK Second Class 3 days 2001g and up £9.00


Europe Delivery Options


FREE European Tracked Delivery (3-5 days) - spend over £60 (or local currency equivalent)


Europe Tracked 3-5 days Delivery Aim:

Europe Tracked 3-5 days 0g-50g £7.00
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 51g-100g £10.00
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 101g-250g £10.25
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 251g-500g £11.75
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 501g-750g £12.75
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 751g-1000g £13.75
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 1001g-1250g £14.00
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 1251g-1500g £14.75
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 1501g-2000g £15.25
Europe Tracked 3-5 days 2001g and up £35.00

Europe Standard 3-5 days Delivery Aim:

Europe Standard 3-5 days 0g-50g £2.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 51g-100g £5.75
Europe Standard 3-5 days 101g-250g £6.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 251g-500g £7.75
Europe Standard 3-5 days 501g-750g £9.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 751g-1000g £10.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 1001g-1250g £11.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 1251g-1500g £12.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 1501g-2000g £13.00
Europe Standard 3-5 days 2001g and up £28.00



Europe Economy 2-5 weeks Delivery Aim:

Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 0g-50g £3.25
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 51g-100g £5.00
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 101g-250g £5.50
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 251g-500g £7.80
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 501g-750g £9.00
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 751g-1000g £9.75
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 1001g-1250g £10.80
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 1251g-1500g £12.00
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 1501g-1750g £13.00
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 1751g-2000g £13.20
Europe Economy 2-5 weeks 2001g and up £22.50


Other International Delivery


FREE worldwide tracked delivery (5-7 days) - spend over £120 (or local currency equivalent)


Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days Delivery Aim:

Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 0g-50g £9.75
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 51g-100g £12.75
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 101g-250g £14.00
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 251g-500g £18.50
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 501g-750g £21.25
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 751g-1000g £24.50
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 1001g-1250g £26.75
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 1251g-1500g £29.25
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 1501g-2000g £31.00
Worldwide Tracked 5-7 days 2001g and up £42.00

Worldwide Standard 7 days Delivery Aim:

Worldwide Standard 7 days 0g-50g £3.00
Worldwide Standard 7 days 51g-100g £9.00
Worldwide Standard 7 days 101g-250g £10.50
Worldwide Standard 7 days 251g-500g £16.50
Worldwide Standard 7 days 501g-750g £19.00
Worldwide Standard 7 days 751g-1000g £23.00
Worldwide Standard 7 days 1001g-1250g £26.25
Worldwide Standard 7 days 1251g-1500g £29.00
Worldwide Standard 7 days 1501g-2000g £30.25
Worldwide Standard 7 days 2001g and up £35.00



Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks Delivery Aim:

Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 0g-50g £3.25
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 51g-100g £5.00
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 101g-250g £5.50
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 251g-500g £7.75
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 501g-750g £9.00
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 751g-1000g £9.75
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 1001g-1250g £10.75
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 1251g-1500g £12.00
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 1501g-1750g £13.00
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 1751g-2000g £13.25
Worldwide Economy 6-12 weeks 2001g and up £28.00