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High Visibility Buoyancy Aid for Dogs

A newly developed high visibility pet buoyancy aid for dogs. The Zorro joins the popular pet range of Baltic dog life jackets and buoyancy aids which are used as dog flotation vests by water loving pets and prove to be popular with professional working animals too!

The Zorro dog buoyancy aid has an extra foam panel on the stomach that also protects against chafe from the webbing. The entrance / closure is accessed via a zip along the entire back. The float jacket includes a lifting handle and retro-reflective patches on the top to help in low visibility. There is also a strap with fasteners and a D-Life Vest d-ring for leash attachment. Making for the ideal dog water rescue harness. 
Sizing & Specs

Please measure weight, length, neck and waist to determine the best size Baltic buoyancy aid for your pet.

 Size Weight Length Neck Waist
2-5kg 26cm 27cm 40-54cm
S 5-10kg 28cm 39cm 50-62cm
M 10-25kg 36cm 56cm 65-94cm
L 25+kg 38cm 72cm 73-110cm


Are dogs required to wear life jackets on boats?

It’s not so much about whether animals on a boat are required to or not. It is more important to have peace of mind that assistance is in place with a dog water float should your dog get tired out, swept away, suddenly be hit with very cold water or face any other unexpected situation.
Could you grab your dog if you got close to them? Could you see them if it was night-time? Could they float for long, especially if they are a smaller dog who could tire quickly? There is no correct answer on whether it is mandatory as it depends on what environment you are in however, being responsible and having the right equipment can put your mind at rest and you will never wish you didn’t have a dog's life harness in place.

Life Jacket vs buoyancy aid?

Buoyancy aids have integral foam buoyancy to help you float in the water, but they do not have as much flotation as a life jacket.