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Kurgo Backseat Bridge Backseat Extender

The Backseat Bridge does what it says it bridges the gap between your back and front seats. Which means the gap (so perfect for human legs, but less suited to a dog’s face) is magically transformed into more room for him to spread his paws. Put up the fold-down centre barrier, and he’s safe and contained to the backseat.


Kurgo Backseat Bridge Backseat Extender For Dogs

- Rugged base holds up to 45 kg.
- Barrier panel blocks access to the front seat.
- Sides fold up to accommodate a human passenger.
- Reversible Black/Hampton Sand.
- Cup holder and storage pocket.
- Waterproof.
- Designed to prevent distracted driving.

Sizing & Specs

Kurgo Backseat Bridge Car Seat Extender

Measures 40.64cm D x 132.08cm W x 2.54 cm H; not recommended for spaces greater than 33.02cm from back of seat to seat edge.