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Kurgo Go Shower Bag Portable Dog Wash

The Go Shower says what it is: a serious shower for when you’re on the go, and your dog is seriously dirty. Its 6-liter capacity means over two minutes of scrub time, and its adjustable strap makes it easy to hang the bag from your car door, a tree limb, or whatever’s handy. Packs small, carries light and keeps it clean.


Kurgo Go Shower Portable Dog Shower

- Bladder capacity: 6L.
- Shower lasts a little over 2 minutes with non-stop stream.
- Pull shower head nozzle out to use, push in to stop.
- Rolls up for storage Pockets for storing cleaning essentials.
- Webbing loops to attach towel.
- Allows you to use both hands to scrub dog Bottle opener.
- Bladder can be removed and set in the sun for heating.
- Bladder is PVC and therefore should never be used to provide drinking water for your dog.
- Remove bladder and tube.